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A Dozen Ways To Raise A Bookworm

Reading is a human need and being able to read well is an advantage, no two ways about it. It’s unfortunate indeed that many kids today aren’t as fond of reading as they should be. If you feel that your child may turn out to be one of them here are some ideas that you can work on.

1. Know what your child’s interests are

When you’re shopping for books for your child, do try to include books based on their interests. Drop by your local bookstore or library and look for books relating to the interests and hobbies of your children. They are more likely to pick up a book that is relatable to their favourite things compared to random topics or titles.

2. Is your home conducive enough?

If it’s not, try leaving interesting books and magazines lying around the house. Some parents find that leaving interesting new books around the house, such as on coffee tables and in the living room, sparks interests of their children who end up reading them.

3. Be seen reading

Make it a habit of reading while you’re at home and ensure that your child notices you reading in your spare time. Most kids love to emulate their parents, so give them something good to follow — read anything,anywhere. whenever you have the chance.

4. Check out the book Centers

Bookstores and libraries offer endless selections of good, interesting reads. Explore the children’s section of your local library or bookstore together with your child. This is also a great time to get your child his or her very own library card — yes, they still exist!

5. Leave no one out!

If your child has a younger sibling, encourage them to read out loud to their younger brother or sister. Older children typically enjoy showing off their skills to an admiring audience. Do pick material that both will enjoy though, or you may be faced with boring sighs and protests.

6. Have fun with reading games

There are games you can use to raise great readers! Invite your kids to play word games such as Scrabble, Boggle or Typo. These games offer hours of wholesome vocabulary-building fun and can be enjoyed together as a family.

7. Share what’s been read

Buying loads of books will be of little use if kids don’t read them, so don’t forget to inquire and follow up. During dinner, encourage your children to share what he or she has been reading. This encourages healthy discussions and encourages your children to read more stories to talk about.

8. Set a regular reading time if possible

It could be 20 minutes before bedtime or just after dinner, as long as the time slot does not interfere with any other homework your child may have. Reading for as little as 10 minutes a day can drastically improve your child’s reading skills and habits in just a couple of months.

9. Keep things in perspective

Everything has a proper place and time, so keep TV time and book reading time separate in your child’s daily schedule. Remember too, that TV should not be a reward or punishment for reading/not reading a book.

10. Home library

Set up a mini library at home to display your child’s collection of books.. You can further encourage the reading habit by buying new books for the library in the condition that your child has read all the present ones.

11. Use humour — it never fails!

A good laugh always makes the day, plus it’s also proven to be healthy too! Spend an evening with your children and a hearty joke book. Take turns reading the jokes to each other for a fun-filled time.

12. Rethink presents and gifts

Instead of toys, clothes, etc, present your child with books or magazine subscriptions during special occasions like birthdays and on Christmas, to foster the love of reading. Like toys, here are hundreds of choices out there when it comes to books to pick from for gifts and presents.

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