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6 Reasons Why Beko NeoFrost Refrigerators Are Good For Your Food

When it comes to fresh ingredients, it’s a race against time to cook prepare them while they are still crisp and succulent to eat. If you cook every day, this means making frequent trips to the market or hypermart to restock on fresh vegetables and meat. But now, there’s a way for you to stock up and not make so many grocery shopping trips – unless of course you love grocery shopping 🙂

beko-refrigerator-neofrostIntroducing “Moisture is The New Cool”,  NeoFrost™ technology of Beko refrigerators in Malaysia. Beko hails from Europe and its home appliance products are known for its sleek design, high-quality performance, and innovative technologies. Here are six reasons why Beko’s fridges are so, well, cool:

  1. Humidity is your fresh food’s friend – Believe it or not, the reason why your fresh food couldn’t last long in the fridge is because it’s too dry in there. NeoFrost™ is a Twin Digital Cooling System that creates an ideal condition to preserve food in the refrigerator by blowing air at high humidity and at perfect rate and temperature level to prevent drying out of vegetables and fruits.
  2. It prevents odour mixing – Through the use of separate cooling circuits in the fridge and freezer compartments, NeoFrost™ creates a balanced air circulation between the shelves, thus eliminating odour mixing.
  3. Saves on energy and noise – ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor is a smart cooling system that adjusts rapidly to temperature fluctuation, providing faster cooling with less energy and enabling operation at low noise level.
  4. Fresh for 30 days! – EverFresh+® is built into the crisper compartment to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables up to 30 days of storage time. This technology has received the SGS Laboratory testing approval for minimal surface dew condensation and minimal weight loss of vegetables.
  5. Nutrition is sealed – Active Fresh Blue Light™ is an intelligent technology that prolongs the process of photosynthesis of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain their natural flavours and nutritional elements.
  6. Flexible temperatures – MultiZone compartments provides the flexibility to adjust the temperature of compartments within the refrigerator between the ranges of -240C to 100C.
Beko in the kitchen

Beko appliances in the kitchen

Beko is also introducing a range of its award winning and outstanding home and kitchen appliance products for smart living in Malaysia, including washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, hobs and hoods, ovens, microwaves and air conditioners.

Beko washers and dryers

Beko washers and dryers

In Malaysia, Beko is distributed via over 400 channels, including mass merchandisers, kitchen specialists and other independent channels. For more information, please go to www.beko-my.com or www.facebook.com/BekoMalaysia.

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