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5 Things I Like About Mentos


Nothing brightens my day quite like Mentos. They come in all shapes, colours and flavours, it’s a delight to savour them throughout the day. Here are 5 reasons why I love my Mentos!

Mentos Mints1. Freshens the breath

Meeting a client or going on a date but you’ve just ate something that smells fishy? Uh oh… You have no time to rush to the bathroom for a quick gargle but you’ll always have Mentos with you. Just pop one Minty one into your mouth and hey presto, you are ready to go!

2.  Wakes me up

Yep, the after-lunch snooze is not a myth. Everyone who’s had a heavy carb-laden lunch can certainly attest to that. Short of guzzling down that 6th cup of coffee, why not chew on some yummy refreshing Mentos gums? The jaw exercise plus minty taste will wake you right back to your productive self.

Mentos Pure Fresh and Cool Chews3. Keeps me happy while lazing in front of the TV

So there I am watching a favourite show on TV but something is missing. I’m having a feast for my eyes, but what about my taste buds? Instead of grabbing for a fattening snack, I chew on the fruitilicious Mentos chewies and my couch potato world is bright and wonderful again.

4. Makes me popular with the kids

Mentos Fruit Pack

Remember how quickly we made friends back in our school days? All we have to do is share our snacks and sweets, and we become best friends for the day. Similarly, whenever I’m faced with crying or restless kids when I’m out and about, or having my nephews and nieces over, trading or giving Mentos with them forges a bond so strong that I become their favourite adult friend. Some things never change.

5. Meetings are better with Mentos!

What do morning meetings and after-lunch meetings have in common? That’s right, nodding heads that are trying hard to keep awake. The minute I place a bottle of Mentos in the middle of the meeting table, grateful hands will reach out for the magical elixir that kicks off the sleepy stupor fogging their minds. As everyone chews busily, the meetings get recharged. And I become their favourite person. Now that’s what I call dynamite!

Have you had a Mentos today?

It Pays to be a Mentos Fan

Recently, the amazing Mentos Malaysia organised The Mentos Unlocks the X-Power in You contest, which began on 1 May 2016 and ended 19 June 2016. With a purchase of RM5 and above in a single receipt, Malaysian customers could participate in the contest by answering the given questions correctly and sending the answers alongside their details via Whatsapp or MMS, or through their contest website. Winners were judged based on the highest number of correct answers during the contest period.

The prize giving ceremony was held at Coliseum Cafe, Sunway Pyramid on 25th August. The lucky Grand Prize winner was Mohd Nizan Basir who who walked away with an exclusive X-Men: Apocalypse laser keyboard, a trolley bag, t-shirt, RM5,000 in cash and one year’s supply of Mentos. “Participating in the contest was easy for us as we consume a lot of Mentos. My wife carries some with her in her handbag all the time because my kids love it,” said Mohd Nizan. Congratulations to all the well-deserving winners!

Mentos - The Grand Prize winner

The Grand Prize winner


Happy Mentos fans

Happy Mentos fans

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