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The 5 Things I Hate About Foundations

W7 Genius Foundation - The 5 Things I Hate About Foundations

Foundations are a bane in my life. I can’t live without them yet it’s hard to find one that doesn’t annoy me to no end. Inconsistent coverage, short-lived effectiveness, messy applications and pricey to boot, finding the perfect foundation is starting to appear more and more like a lost cause with each passing day. That is until I tried the  W7 Genius Foundation and my morning make-up routine has never been the same since. So, here are the 5 things I hate about foundations and how W7 Genius Foundation trumps over them all:

1. Won’t last the whole day on my combination face

When I put on my foundation, my skin looks matte and flawless – for about an hour or two. And then my T-Zone starts shining like a beacon and my makeup slips away into nothingness. Re-application is necessary and urgh, it’s such a pain!

Why W7 Genius foundation rawks: It lasts 4 to 5 hours on my oily face and up to 12 hours on non-oily skins.

2. Messy bottles and fingers

My foundation bottles are normally the messiest looking of all my makeup products. Streaks, globs, leaks, whatever, you name it, my makeup bag and I have seen it all. Sometimes a pump may give you way more than you need.

Why W7 Genius foundation rawks: The dropper design is mess-free, fuss-free and oh, so easy to use and apply. Just pump the required amount of drops on your clean palm and apply on your face. Easy-peasy.

3. Clogged-up applicators

Ever tried pumping the foundation bottle which you know is not empty but nothing comes out? It’s such a waste to throw the bottle away but you’re out of options when it comes to unclogging that pump.

Why W7 Genius foundation rawks: The dropper bottle design is so simple and does away with the clogged pump issue. You can enjoy the foundation from your bottle down to the last drop.

4. Cakey look

We want to look fresh and dewy, not cakey and thickly made up. More importantly, we want to be able to smile and talk, without our foundation cracking up all over our faces.

Why W7 Genius foundation rawks: It’s super smooth and lightweight, you’ll barely feel it’s there. Excellent coverage too!

5. The good ones are often pricey

Yup, all the above issues are addressed by the higher-end foundations. The problem is, they are kinda pricey.

Why W7 Genius foundation rawks: Priced at below RM50, these high-quality foundations offer real value for your Ringgit. They last a long while, too. Win-win!

About W7 Genius Foundation

The light, creamy texture of this foundation will provide great coverage on any skin, lasting up to 12 hours. The innovative dropper application makes it a breeze to put your best face forward every day. Be confident in your super smooth and dewy complexion even on your busiest days. No more worrying about re-applying your make up every couple of hours and say bye to fumbling with messy foundation bottles in the morning.

If you’ve tried W7 Genius Foundation, leave your review in the link below!

W7 Genius Foundation

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