5-Star Confinement Service, Akin to A Vacation!
5-Star Confinement Service, Akin to A Vacation!
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5-Star Confinement Service, Akin to A Vacation!

After the birth of the baby, a new mom would surely need to rest, recover and recuperate in order to regain her strength and of course, to get back into shape as well. The few weeks after giving birth is called the confinement period, and women throughout the centuries have acknowledged this to be a critical time in a new mom’s life. Proper care has to be given to the new mom during her confinement period, and today, many new moms opt to stay at confinement centres for this purpose. For families living in Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur, the top choice is always De Joy’s Confinement Centre, which is known to offer care and services akin to a 5-star vacation!

Whether you are a new mother or have just given birth again, De Joy’s Confinement Centre provides a warm, comfortable and relaxing space for recuperation after childbirth, as well as professional maternal and infant care alongside nutritious and delicious confinement meals, all for the purpose of ensuring that new moms can relax, recover and bond with their baby with peace of mind.

Strategically located in Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur, De Joy’s Confinement Centre is a perfect reflection of a home-style confinement, with all the conveniences of a modern, well-equipped centre. It offers 24-hour security monitoring system, confinement suites with windows and en-suite toilets. The centre allows easy access to its own parking space making it fuss-free for its clients and their families to get in and out of their vehicles. Daddies get to enter and exit freely as needed, to spend time with their wives and babies after work and so on!

At De Joy’s Confinement Centre, new moms’ confinement meals are taken seriously, to ensure that they are adequately nourished from within. Individualised menus are offered according to the particular needs of the new moms, who may have varying dietary needs.  Hence, the centre prepares 5 meals a day for its new moms, comprising superb quality medicinal soups which aid in recovery and rejuvenation.

The centre’s team consisting of professional nursing staff excel in their duty to care for new moms and their babies throughout their stay here, ensuring meticulous care and full support. New moms can also take comfort in knowing that their newborn baby is closely monitored, whereby any issue is timely diagnosed, treated and cared for. By choosing De Joy’s Confinement Centre, new moms will be immersing themselves in a relaxed and blissful atmosphere akin to the comforts of home. De Joy’s Confinement Centre allows new mothers to enjoy the experience of truly professional maternal and infant care services and create beautiful memories for themselves and their beloved babies!

De Joy’s Confinement Centre also provides the convenience of confinement meal delivery service to local mothers in Klang Valley. This superior quality, fast and convenient service helps mothers to nourish themselves in the comfort of their own homes, with healthy and delicious confinement meals designed specifically for their particular needs!

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