5 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Cleverin
5 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Cleverin
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5 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Cleverin

Cleverin Gel and Stick

The quality of indoor air is more important now than ever. Airborne viruses and bacteria are the invisible enemies that can wreak havoc when we least expect it. As such, it is vital to protect our loved ones at home 24/7 with a high-quality air purifier and freshener like Cleverin Gel or Cleverin Stick. Here are 5 reasons why everyone should have a Cleverin product in their homes and pockets!

1. Removes viruses and bacteria effectively

Cleverin is formulated with Chlorine Dioxide, or ClO2, which has been proven effective in removing 99.9% of both floating and attached viruses and bacteria. A recent study by Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which was published in the Annals of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics academic journal, indicated that Chlorine Dioxide molecules effectively block the infection by the SARS CoV 2 virus in the human body.

The low concentration level of ClO2 in Cleverin products is safe to be used around children, the elderly and pets.

2. Neutralises bad odours effortlessly

Cleverin uses ClO2 to eliminate unpleasant smells instead of masking them with fragrance like other air freshener products. It reacts with the moisture in the air to release ClO2 that neutralises the foul odours. This effectively removes unpleasant smells caused by mold, toxic materials, mildew, fungi and bacteria, leaving your home smelling freshly inviting.

3. Purifies the air

A 2018 study by Environ Monit Assess confirmed that ClO2 was able to significantly minimise residual bacteria and fungi levels in a Taiwanese pet shop in Taiwan. The study proved that ClO2 improved the air quality in the pet shop’s interior, which helps safeguard the health of the pet shop staff and visitors, furry or otherwise. As such, Cleverin users who live in homes that are not as riddled with incoming pathogens as that of a pet shop, would also benefit from good indoor air quality.

4. Portable and convenient

Portability is a main factor when it comes to choosing an air purifier as it should be protecting you wherever you go. Cleverin is designed to be portable and comes in two forms:

Cleverin Gel

  • Cleverin Gel – It does not need another device to function and can be placed anywhere at home. Cleverin Gel comes in two sizes: 60 grams (RM58), which can disinfect a room of up to 13 square metres and lasts up to a month; and 150 grams (RM98) which is able to disinfect a room of up to 20 square metres and lasts up to two months.

Cleverin Stick

  • Cleverin Stick – It is small and handy to bring it anywhere you go. Thus, it is suitable to be used in any indoor areas such as schools, offices, and public transportation. Cleverin Stick is available in a single pack (RM49) which has one pen case and two refills that lasts a month (each refill can last for two weeks). Also available for purchase is the refill pack containing six refill sticks (RM48).

*Effectiveness may vary depending on the area size and conditions.

5. Does not consume electricity or battery power

With the pandemic happening on a global scale, it has compelled many people to remain indoors whenever possible. This has also racked up the electricity bills with the increased use of appliances such as the air-conditioner and air purifier, both of which are essential for people who spend a lot of time indoors. By choosing Cleverin products, you are making a wise choice as it offers complete protection from pathogens without consuming any electricity. It is truly an environmental-friendly and cost-saving solution!

Cleverin Gel

We can certainly emulate the Japanese who are known for their high-tech, yet simple approach to life and who also happen to produce some of the best air purifiers in the world like Cleverin! To date, Cleverin is Japan’s No. 1 air purifier and freshener, and one is sold in every 3.2 seconds in Japan.

If you love Cleverin Gel and Cleverin Stick, leave a review here! It is available online from Lazada and Shopee.

*Source: Intage SRI Fragrance Deodorant, including Virus Removal Effect, Market in Japan
<January 2020- December 2020 total value and unit sales>
^This is not a medical health product, and there are no proven results to show that it is effective against COVID-19 and other kinds of viruses/bacteria. The spread of the product component varies depending on the usage environment.

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