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5 Reasons Why Nestum Banana Caramel is Good for You

Nestum Banana Caramel

One of my fondest memories as a child was opening a tin of Nestum, inhaling its appetising smell and savouring it as a quick breakfast. Over the years, they added a few flavours, including honey, which tasted great. And after a long while, a fantastic new flavour was added to their product mix recently – the uber-delicious NESTUM® Grains & More Banana Caramel, which is the first Nestum beverage made with real bananas, caramel, and the aromatic Nestum multi­grain flakes.

We love the taste of this brand new flavour so much that we are listing 5 great reasons why it’s so good for you. Here goes:

  1. It’s Quick – It doesn’t take long to prepare and enjoy this amazing beverage. Just add hot water to the pre-mixed drink, give it a quick stir and it’s ready to be consumed. Perfect for students and busy adults on the go.
  2. It’s Healthy – According to Ms Cher Siew Wei, Nestlé Malaysia’s Corporate Wellness Manager, “Snacking may suffer a bad rep, but in reality, we are encouraged to have three main meals with one to two nutritious 200 to 300 kcal count snacks in between . At 110 kcal per serving, Nestum® Grains & More Banana Caramel is a nutritious and healthier alternative to snacking.” Plus it has real bananas inside, too. So, snack on!
  3. It’s Good for Your Purse – At RM 11.53 per pack of 12 sachets, it’s an affordable nutritious snack for everybody.
  4. You Don’t Have to Force Your Kid to Eat It – The winning combination of delicious Cavendish bananas and caramel will make every child consume the beverage in no time at all. In fact, they may even ask for more!
  5. It’s a Great Pre-Workout Meal – After work just before you are dashing out to the gym, you tend to feel hungry, yet not too hungry for an early dinner. Here comes Nestum Banana Caramel to the rescue. A packet is enough to tide you through a great workout until dinner time. It comes in a convenient pack that you can bring anywhere.

We’re proud to say that we’ve completed the amazing Nestum 5 Days Challenge – which is a treasure box containing 5 days’ worth of Nestum Banana Caramel packets plus healthy nuts and dried fruits. The result? We found ourselves energised throughout the day, thanks to the snacks and developed a taste for healthy snacks thereafter!

Nestum Banana Caramel 5-Day Challenge

With Nestum Banana Caramel, snacking is so much fun and healthier!

Nestum Banana Caramel launch

The Nestum Banana Caramel launch which happened at Sunway Pyramid on 25 August – L-R #BananamelChallenge Influencers Karen Siah (Kia Kaha Fitness founder), Hunny Madu (rap artiste & TV host), Nisa Kay (lifestyle blogger), Hui Mathews (Ash Be Nimble founder), Ng Su Yen (Nestlé Business Executive Manager for Milks), Chew Soi Ping (Nestlé Executive Director of Sales, Malaysia & Singapore), Ragu Rao Surunariana (AEON Co.(M) Bhd Senior Manager Foodline), Wan Alleena (NESTUM® Senior Brand Manager), Mohd Mirzan (AEON Store Manager) Cher Siew Wei (Nestlé Corporate Wellness Manager)

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