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5 Muslimah Maternity Ideas For Stylish Pregnant Mommies

5 Muslimah Maternity Ideas For Stylish Pregnant Mommies

Bright beautiful colours play an important part in making life happier, especially for pregnant women. It will help them to increase their strengths and make them happy to start their day with more excitement! But, it can be tricky to choose maternity outfits that are muslimah-friendly.

As for hijabi women, choosing a maternity outfit is difficult as you need to find something that can cover your whole body. Besides, the maternity outfits need to be simple without any difficulty to wear it and the most important thing is comfortable – giving you space and freedom to wear them all day long. Outfits that can absorb humidity and breathable are plus point as Malaysia is a hot country.

Do you know that pregnant lady tends to feel hot three times more than a normal lady? So it is essential to wear clothes made from light fabric and opt for bright colour as it won’t absorb much light.

Take into consideration as well that the size of your body shape will increase with the passage of time, so flexible pants and skirts are the best choice! They are flexible and give you space for any movement. Flat or sneakers should be your new best friend throughout the pregnancy journey in keeping your feet comfy all the time.

In this collection by Cozy Lady – Nursing Attire, the pregnant woman won’t suffer for finding stylish and trendy outfits to wear because they have the most stylish looks to help you be confident and comfy while pregnant. Enjoy the collection and pick some ideas!

Antisoma Tulip in pomegranate colour

This blouse is great for officewear, weekend out with your family and friend or to attend any event! The flowy design at the bottom of the blouse simply imitates the physical look of a tulip. It is wudhu-friendly with hidden zips at both sleeves and breastfeeding-friendly that allows you to discreet nursing anytime, anywhere without any difficulties to untie the blouse and cover with a piece of clothes. The best part of this blouse is it comes with a pocket so that you can keep any essential stuff without any problem. The price for this Antisoma Tulip Blouse is RM65.00.

Antisoma Fishtail in beige colour

This blouse is made of Moss Crepe, a soft and flowy fabric that does not need you to iron it. A great choice if you are in hurry or don’t have time to iron the blouse. It is a perfect outfit for any casual or formal setting event and you just need to mix and match it with either skirt or pants to complete the look. If you wish to wear it to the office or attending a meeting, a flare cotton pant is a great addition or A-Line skirt and pair with formal shoes. Wudhu-friendly and also breastfeeding-friendly. So it’s is a great investment taht you can wear starting from the first trimester until you have delivered the baby. The price for Antisoma Fishtail Blouse is RM68.00.

Luteinis blouse in teal green

For all hijabi pregnant women, you don’t have to wear those big sizes and unappealing maternity outfit anymore. Look at this stylish Luteinis Blouse from Cozy Lady, the design is amazing and even comes in various colour and sizes to cater moms’ needs. The ribbon at the front part of the tummy is best to accentuate your body curve. This blouse is breastfeeding-friendly and made of Como Crepe that requires minimal ironing. Luteinis Blouse in Teal Green is priced at RM65.00 which is affordable.

Ossitocina Jubah in dusty blue

If you prefer to wear one piece such as dress or abaya, then Ossitocina Jubah is a great choice. This abaya is made from lycra denim which is completely no need you to iron before you put it on. This abaya looks like a 2-pieces dress – with top attaches to the skirt. Comes with hidden zips at both sleeves for wudhu-friendly as well as breastfeeding-friendly to make it easier for you to breastfeed your baby anytime and anywhere. Are you looking for a jubah with a pocket? Then Ossitocina Jubah in Dusty Blue is the best choice! The price for this jubah is RM99.00.

Cape Kurung in navy blue

Not only for officewear, you can wear this baju kurung for Hari Raya and any open house. As Hari Raya is approaching us soon, then it is the right time for you to start shopping for Raya! Often there are limited options for pregnant women when it comes to baju kurung as most modern baju kurung don’t cater for pregnant ladies when it comes to sizes and the cutting. The wide opening at the sleeves of this baju kurung is really creative and not to mention wudhu-friendly. The breastfeeding-friendly allows you to nursing your baby anywhere, anytime. Cape Kurung in Navy Blue can be purchased at Cozy Lady at the price of RM120.00.

Steal the ideas mommies!

Now, hijabi pregnant women don’t have to suffer from not finding stylish and trendy outfits to wear because here are the most stylish hijabi maternity outfits ideas that show you how to look stylish and comfy while pregnant. Pick the right size and also the right colour that compliment your skin tone. In order to save up your money, choose your right size, do not buy clothes in 1-2 size bigger than your actual size. Yes it will look just fine when you enter second or third trimester but it will look baggy once you’ve returned back to your normal size. Enjoy the collection and hope it can give you some fresh ideas. Happy shopping mommies!

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