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The 5 Key Flowers Used by Mamonde

Mamonde Skincare

Mamonde (pronounced as Mamond) is a brand that infuses its skincare products with flowers. Here are the 5 key flowers used in the South Korean brand of products:

1. Honeysuckle (Revitalizing)

The Honeysuckle has amazing vitalizing properties that maintain skin health. The Honeysuckle is an absorbent plant with the ability to absorb nutrients from barren soil to effectively deliver nutrients to vital parts of the plant

2. Hibiscus (Moisturizing)

The Hibiscus contains natural hydrators that offers flawless hydration

3. Narcissus (Hydration)

Narcissus offers excellent moisturizing benefits up to 24 hours and works well on tired and dehydrated skin

4. Lotus Flower (Cleansing)

The Lotus Flower has the ability to cleanse and purify the skin while providing anti-oxidant protection

5. Camellia (Anti-Aging)

The Camellia contains therapeutic properties that help to protect the skin from free radical damage and helps to reduce the signs of aging for youthful-looking skin.

Park Shin Hye, Mamonde's Brand Ambassador

Mamonde recently celebrated its launch in Malaysia on Mamonde Flower Day, 14 October, with the appearance of its brand ambassador and popular Korean actress, Park Shin Hye.

Mamonde Flower Day

(L-R): Mr Patrick So, General Manager of 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Mr Hiroyuki Kotera, Executive Director of AEON Retail Business, Mr Robin Na, Senior Vice President Regional HQ of Amorepacific Corporation, Ms Margaret Chin, Country Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia, Ms Park Shin Hye, Brand Ambassador of Mamonde, His Excellency Dr Yu Hyun-Seo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Malaysia, Ms Celine Diong, Mamonde Brand General Manager Amorepacific Malaysia and Mr Kim Young Mock, Brand President of Mamonde Korea

It was Park Shin Hye’s first time in Malaysia and the sweet lass greeted fans, some of whom have been waiting for her since the 1 Utama mall opened, and exchanged flowers with Mamonde’s management staff as a gesture of appreciation and love for welcoming her to the launch of Mamonde Flower Day. Ms. Park’s dress is a lovely and simple ensemble in a reddish hue, reminiscent of her favourite flower, the hibiscus.

Apart from celebrating Mamonde Flower Day, Mamonde also launched two new additions to its Moisture Ceramide range which was an inspiration from the Hibiscus flower – the Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener and Moisture Ceramide Emulsion. Utilizing the powerful moisturizing substance of the Hibiscus flower, the Moisture Ceramide range is formulated with the exclusive Hibiscus Ceramide Plus ingredient to give the skin a completely moist skin barrier. The moisturizing ingredients found in the Hibiscus are thoroughly filled into the empty spots in dead skin cell layers. On the other hand, the high-content ceramide which was exclusively developed for 20 years tightly packs loosened dead skin cells.

The MAMONDE Moisture Ceramide Range contains the natural moisturizing agent found in Hibiscus and ceramide that are similar to skin components which keeps the skin feeling well moisturized and healthy. The range contains the following benefits:

  • Exclusively Developed Hibiscus Ceramide Plus which contains essential ingredients to strengthen cellular walls
  • Similar to the skin’s structure, it has a binding effect which adheres and absorbs upon contact with the skin
  • Fortifies the skin’s moisturizing walls to regenerate the skin daily
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells and maintains a smooth texture to give the skin a glossy finish, making it easy to blend makeup
  • Naturally derived and safe ingredients to offer long-lasting comfort and moisturizing effects to the skin

Source: Mamonde

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