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5 Surefire Ways To Manage Stress

5 Effective Ways To Combat Stress - LIFE FACTOR Zembren

Have you ever struggled to focus on your work or feel stressed by the demands of everyone around you? Are your health and sleep patterns affected by these issues? Before you resort to drastic measures that may cause a dependence on synthetic drugs, why not try these 5 natural and gentle, yet effective methods to deal with stress?

Go For A Massage

Combat Stress

When was the last time you had really good body or foot massage? Chances are, it’s been too long and you are overdue for a session. Studies have shown that massages can relax tense muscles and improve mood and quality of sleep. People have experienced lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) after a good massage, too. So make time for that massage. You’ll feel like a new person.

You’ve Gotta Move It, Move It

Exercising has been proven to increase your level of endorphins, which sends feel-good messages to your brain. When you sweat it out and breathe in deeply from your exercise routine, be it brisk walking, running, hot yoga or strength training, you are also taking in lots of oxygen which does wonders for your well-being. This brings us to the next point…


Combat Stress

Meditation makes us pause and reflect on the things that are going on within us and how it relates to the things going on around us. A great meditation session involves a lot of deep, centred breathing which drives oxygen into our brain and relaxes our muscles. As your mind quiets down, you can listen to that still voice within you and cut through all the other distracting noises that are driving you nuts. All you need is a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed. Start with 5 minutes of meditation and gradually increase the time daily. You’re welcome.

Get Some ZZZs

A lot of physical and neurological problems can be nipped at the bud if we just make sure we have enough hours of sleep in a day. A good guideline is 7 to 8 hours of ZZZs per day and you’ll keep most problems at bay. However, sleep can be a challenge if you are too bogged down by stress, which brings us to our final point…

Take Life Factor Zembren

Combat Stress with LIFE FACTOR ZembrinKick stress to the curb with LIFE FACTOR Zembren! It is made from the only patented and legal source of sceletium tortuosum, a prized South African herb.

This antistress cactus has been used by the indigenous tribes of South Africa to elevate their mood, as well as rejuvenate and destress themselves. Studies and research by international scienties have indicated the safety and effectiveness of this breakthrough ingredient for use in the masses.

LIFE FACTOR Zembren acts by increasing levels of serotonin in our body, which helps us feel happier. It also contains alkaloids that inhibit the PDE4 enzyme, leading to an improvement in mood and memory. LIFE FACTOR Zembren Capsule targets the feelings of anxiousness from multiple pathways, and is designed to quickly calm the mind, promote relaxation, better sleep quality, improve your mood, reduce fatigue, while offering a fast-acting, safe and non-habit forming relief.

LIFE FACTOR Zembren has been clinically proven to relax and calm people down without causing them to feel sleepy or sluggish. This makes it safe to be consumed when you are about to work, drive or operate machinery. Experience relief from your daily stresses with LIFE FACTOR Zembren today!

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