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5 Great Ways To Prevent Constipation In Children

5 Effective Ways To Prevent Constipation In Children

Constipation is a common issue experienced by many children. Being Asian moms, it is a norm to ask and share about our child’s bowel movements in our daily conversations. Signs of constipation such as less than 3 bowel movements a week, dispelling dry, hard stools, and abdominal pain or rectal bleeding when defecating, will worry a mom to no end. If your child is experiencing constipation, here are 5 things you can do to help their bowel movements along:

Consume High-Fibre Foods

5 Effective Ways To Combat Constipation In Children

Be sure to give your child more servings of high-fibre foods including vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole-grain cereals and grains. Start small with just a few grams of fibre a day and increase their fibre intake gradually to prevent bloating.  If your child hates the taste of vegetables, you can sneak them into their pasta sauce, soups or burger patties by blending them and mixing them with the dish or smoothies.

Drink More Water

5 Effective Ways To Combat Constipation In Children

Give them a star every time they finish drinking a cup of water to make it fun for them. If they dislike the taste of plain water, add a few slices of oranges into the drink to naturally flavour it. Always bring a water bottle for them when you go out so that they can constantly sip on it. Assure them that it’s ok to urinate often and not to abstain from drinking just because they do not want to pee so much.

Be Active

5 Effective Ways To Combat Constipation In Children

If your child prefers to vegetate at home, encourage them to go out and run around in the playground by making it a regular bonding time with you. Being active helps sluggish bowel functions to wake up and be lively again. It also gives your child a good way to expend their energies, leading to a good night’s sleep.

Don’t Ignore Nature’s Call

Teach your child to pay attention to their body when it’s signalling for them to defecate. Most times, children may ignore their body’s signals because they are preoccupied with playing or doing a fun activity.  When your child approaches you because it’s time for her bowel movement, you need to drop whatever it is you are doing and bring her to the toilet. This will encourage your kids to happily and quickly approach you instead of holding it in, which is one of the main factors for constipation.

Drink Novamil IT

5 Effective Ways To Combat Constipation In ChildrenFormulated by a team of pharmacists, paediatricians, dietitians and nutritionists from the European Union, Novamil IT is a formula milk for children 1-3 years old with a tendency of constipation. Novamil IT improves bowel movements, as well as softening hard, dry stool. Its nutrient mix of lactose, magnesium, calcium/phosphorus ratio of 2 and whey/casein proteins ratio of 60/40 act to draw more water to soften the stool, to increase stool volume and to improve intestinal transit.

It also gives children well-balanced nutrients such as essential fatty acids, and 26 vitamins and minerals that are vital for their mental and physical growth. Certified Halal, it comes in a pleasant natural milk taste with no added sucrose. It is recommended to have 3 glasses of Novamil IT to complement your child’s daily meals.


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