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3 Family Friendly Facilities At The Evolve Concept Mall That You’ll Definitely Want To Visit

Evolve Concept Mall is a place that challenges and reinvents the traditional shopping experience by breaking the mould of typical retail malls. Inspired by the belief that shopping, dining and leisure is no longer a one-size fits all formula dictated by cloned offerings of the same things in the same order day after day, Evolve draws upon the qualities which make Malaysia a top ranked world travel destination – discovery, adventure, value and experience.

With a constantly transforming landscape of Fashion, Travel, Entertainment and F&B, Evolve Concept Mall will bring you the change that you can see. Pay a visit today to enjoy some of the family friendly venues available in this exclusive new shopping center.


iScream creates some truly delicious ice cream cakes and frozen desserts. Their main specialty is their Premium ice cream. And when we say “Premium”, we really mean it. iScream’s frozen delights are made strictly from the finest and freshest ingredients, with are designed with your health and total pleasure in mind.

Apart from the Classic Vanilla and Cocolate flavors, iScream also has a number of out of the box options such as the Durio Duriano (Durian flavor), Delightfruit (Vanilla and Raisin flavor), and the Yammy Yummy (Yam flavor). They also create magnificent ice cream cakes, yummy-licious little ball cakes, and mini bite-sized and finger-friendly Truffles.

Best of all, with the new iScream chilled delivery, you can now enjoy having your ice screams, birthday cakes, and desserts delivered straight to your doorstep! Order online or call/WhatsApp iScream at 016-225 6135 today and everyone in your family will be guaranteed to start screaming for more!

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

Website: http://www.iloveiscream.com/

Contact Number: 016-225 6135

Snookball Game Center

Are your kids bored of playing football? Take them to Snookball game center to try out an exciting new game that they’re sure to love.

Snookball is Malaysia’s newest family entertainment that gathers football fanatics and pool players of all ages under one roof. The game plays out similar to pool, but instead of smoky bars and loud music, you’re kicking footballs in a clean and secure indoor gym. A game of Snook is a race to see which team can pocket all of their balls first, and you might be surprised to realize how quick and easy it is to pick it up.

The object of the game is simple: To be the first player or team to legally pocket EITHER all of the solid-colored footballs followed by the 8 ball, or all of the stripe-colored footballs followed by the 8 ball.

The game is gaining popularity in many other countries, including the United States, China, and throughout Europe. The Snookball Game Center in Evolve Concept Mall is one of the first in the world to offer an on-site location where any customer can walk in and enjoy a game. They are also a favorite destination for birthdays and corporate team building activities in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Drop by the Snookball Game Center today to challenge your friends and family or maybe even join a team to see who the real snookball star is!

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

Website: http://www.snook.com.my/

Contact Number: 037 832 0162

We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym

Malaysia’s first playground suitable for autistic children, We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym was founded to provide a place for children of all ability levels to play and grow together. As the only kid’s gym that offers an inclusive philosophy we have found all children can benefit from our uniquely designed sensory equipment that is specifically designed to aid children with sensory processing disorders. However, in our experience, all children are able to benefit greatly from this equipment and by allowing children of all ability levels to play together they are able to learn a great deal from each other and become the best motivation for success on every level.

The unique sensory equipment found at We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gyms includes ten pieces of specialized equipment that is specifically designed for children with sensory processing disorders. This equipment aids them in the improvement of their sensory functions while they learn and play. The equipment is specialized, but all children can and will benefit from the use of this equipment at our gym in order to grow, improve skills, learn, and master their own body weight and movements while using this unique, dynamic and exciting equipment.

By using this equipment and having groups of children who are at a variety of ability levels, all children benefit from the use of the equipment and learn to grow and play together. Those who are struggling often find encouragement and motivation from the children who have mastered some skills. The children who show mastery of some skills learn coaching and the patience to assist and work together with the children who are struggling. When a goal or milestone has been reached by these magnificent children, they share in the success and cheer loudly for each other, which is in itself a fantastic form of therapy for all children.

Because the gym was founded as a place where all can play, but specifically to target the needs of children with autism, the equipment is designed to address the dynamic nervous system of children with autism and other special needs. Allowing children to play using the sensory based equipment encourages them to expand their mind and reach new heights of ability levels. This also gives the children a chance to use their imagination and become their favorite characters while experiencing the exhilaration of climbing, jumping, swinging, crashing, crawling, running or zipping on any one of the various pieces of awesome equipment found at We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym.

With sensory-based equipment designed for all children to improve their abilities, a staff full of people who work tirelessly to help children grow and improve, parents who care, contribute, and encourage all to grow, and some awesome toys that can be purchased at The Rock Shop is it really any wonder why We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is one of the highest rated kids gyms for all children in the nation? Add to this amazing mixture the inclusive philosophy that allows children to genuinely be excited for each other and you can see the obvious winning formula that has been created in our gym.

Opening Hours: 10am-9pm

Website: http://www.werockthespectrumaradamansara.com/

Contact Number: 03-7859 8081

Need More?

These are just a few of the family friendly facilities available to you at the Evolve Concept Mall. You can find more information about these and many other outlets at their official website http://evolve-my.com/.

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