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10 Tips to Lose Weight

1. Be aware of what drives you

This means to always keep in mind the reasons why you want to make these changes in your life and to be very convinced and certain about them, too. By doing this, “you’re giving yourself permission to start the change in a gentler, more sustainable way,” says Jill Wallace, a registered dietitian with Nurture the Future Nutrition in Burnaby, British Columbia. Keeping your mind on what drives you can be a very powerful motivation that will help you stick to your plan in order to achieve your goal.

2.Set your goals correctly

Amanda Pereira, a Winnipeg woman, lost more than 70 pounds (32 kg) in one year by planning out the right goals for her and sticking with them. So she really knows what she is talking about when she says “when you’re successfully reaching your mini goals, you’ll be more motivated to keep going.”

Setting your goals correctly means taking your big goal and dividing it into smaller parts, “mini goals”, as Amanda called them that are easier for you to approach. In this way, it will be easier for you to see your progress and you will constantly enjoy small victories that will keep you motivated.

3. The rule of the last

Actually, the complete version is: wait for the last man (or woman) eating at the table to finish his meal before you take a second helping. Apparently this is not only a mind trick, but it is also scientifically proven to work for helping you eat less. Your body needs, on average, 20 minutes to process the fact that you have ingested food and give you the feeling of satiety.

Marcia Silviolloti, a registered dietitian with Me and You Nutrition in Toronto, together with most nutritionist experts, recommend adding this practice not only to your diet plan, but to your life as a healthy habit.

4. Respect your sleeping hours

“A recent study showed a link between consistent sleep time (especially wake time) and lower body fat” says the same Silviolotti. So do your best to set a sleeping schedule and respect it if you want one more aid to keeping your body healthy and fit.

5. Use technology to your advantage

Most people say that because of technology nowadays we tend to become more and more sedentary and even lazy. Although this might be true, at least to a certain extent, the truth is technology can also be turned into a powerful ally when it comes to goal-setting.

For example, there are numerous good apps to help you monitor your diet, to count the calories you’ve consumed and burned, or to show you various exercises sets. And “if you’re tired of using apps, connect with a friend and text each other your diet and activity” advises Silviolotti.

6. Try out the glycemic index (GI)

The glycemic index (GI) is a tool that measures the level of carbohydrates in foods, ranking them from high to low. This index can be found at diabetes.ca, the Canadian Diabetes Association website. The index is particularly helpful in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet as it makes it a lot easier to find out which foods you should consume more often and which less often, based on their sugar levels.

Susan Watson, a registered dietitian with A Little Nutrition in Winnipeg advices us to “Try to only consume foods that are rated low (0 to 55) on the index. Foods such as apples, whole grains, berries, sweet potatoes and legumes are all low-GI foods, which mean that they won’t rapidly raise your blood sugar.”

7. Be sugar-free

Now that we’ve just talked about the glycemic index, it is once again obvious that sugar is always the first to be excluded from every diet plan. And this can be a particularly difficult task not only because most of our cravings are about sweets, but also because there is added sugar or artificial sweeteners in basically almost every snack you can buy at the store.

But if you could make a slight effort to have more control over your sugar intake, just like Brook Bulloch, a registered dietitian with Food to Fit in Saskatoon, says: “Cutting hidden sugars is a big step toward eating more healthfully, losing weight and boosting your immune system.”

8.Take it gradually

Exercising is very good for you, even critical for a healthy lifestyle. But if you are a rookie at this, don’t consider over-compensating it by choosing a fitness programme that is too advanced for you. You should always start small, by strengthening your muscles and joints before trying anything more intense.

Lorrain Cowley, who managed to lose 56 pounds (25 kg) in one year shares her experience in this area: “I started with Pilates and did that for six months before starting to play tennis. I’ve avoided injury, which would have seriously hampered my weight-loss success.” So, start easily and gradually increase your physical training. Taking it slowly and allowing your body to get used to being more physically active is the recipe for success.

9. No more elevators for you

You have no idea how much a simple gesture like climbing up the stairs instead of taking the elevator can do to you. Not only you get well defined and strengthened leg muscles, but you burn twice as many calories as you burn while walking and you also improve your cardio resistance.

A registered dietitian with Dietetic Directions in Waterloo, ON, Andrea D’Ambrosio states that “Climbing just two flights of stairs every day could equate to a six-pound (2.8kg) weight loss per year.” So, next time “Don’t think about it – just take those stairs instead of the elevator or escalator” she adds.

10. Share your plans

There is nothing wrong in talking about your weight-loss plans with someone else. Moreover, it can be a really good strategy, especially if you tend to find excuses for yourself. If you share your goals with someone else, it can help you stay motivated and even give you a push from behind every now and then.

And this is exactly what Danielle Smith-Parney shares from her own experience, after recently losing 22 pounds (10kg). You should talk to someone, “And not just anyone, but somebody who will push you if you are falling short because it’s easier to fool yourself with excuses” she says.

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