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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Baby Cribs

When it comes to cribs, there are a lot of factors to consider aside from color and style. A good crib should serve as the centerpiece of your baby’s nursery – a special, cozy place where your little one can start and end their day. Fortunately, baby furniture doesn’t have to be complicated. To help you out, we’ve put together some of the most common crib questions that new parents ask as well as their answers.

What kind of features should I look for in my new crib?

Below are just a few of the features you can consider when buying a new crib:

Mattress Support: A metal spring base will last longer than a wooden slat base. It’s also sturdy enough to better withstand a jumping toddler.

Adjustable Mattress Height: As your baby grows, he or she might learn to climb over the railings. Being able to lower the mattress height is useful for preventing your child from simply climbing out of their crib.

Crib Shape: Cocoon-like round or oval cribs may look nice, but bear in mind that it may be harder to find a mattress or sheets that fit non-standard crib shapes.

How big should my baby crib be?

First and foremost, you need to determine how much available space you have. If your baby’s nursery is in a cozy little room, it might be better to skip the bigger models and go for a mini crib instead. On the other hand, if you have plenty of space to spare, picking up a full size convertible or combo crib will allow you to take advantage of all the extra room.

What kind of safety features should I look for?

Make sure that the crib slats or bars are no further than 2.5 inches apart. A good rule of thumb is to check whether a soda can would fit between the bars – if it does, they’re dangerously far apart. Aside from that, check to see if there are any screws, nails, or glue that sticks out anywhere. If the crib is painted, make sure that the paint isn’t peeling or splintery. Avoid cribs with drop sides – these are potentially dangerous and have been known to cause several deaths in the past.

Is it better to get a stationary crib or a portable one on wheels?

Both have their own advantages, so the answer will depend on your own individual circumstances. If you choose to purchase a wheeled crib, make sure that the wheels lock properly and that the crib will not move by itself. Bear in mind that while wheeled cribs work fine on a wooden or tiled floor, they may have problems moving in rooms covered in plush carpeting.

How long should I use the crib?

There is no set time when you have to move your baby from their crib to a regular or toddler bed. Many parents choose to make the switch anywhere between 18 to 36 months of age. If you have a mini crib, you may need to move your toddler out earlier as they outgrow their cribs. However, some cribs can be adjusted to suit your baby’s growing size, meaning that they can be used for longer.

Do I need to get a special crib if I travel a lot?

Travel cribs allow your baby to enjoy a familiar sleeping environment even when your family is on vacation. A good travel crib should be easy to transport and use, allowing you to set up your little one’s sleeping space wherever and whenever. However, these types of cribs may not be as sturdy or comfortable as standard cribs, so if you’re not planning to travel around a lot it may be better to just stick to a normal baby crib.

What kind of mattress should I get?

Despite what you might imagine, a good baby mattress should be solid and firm rather than soft. A firm mattress will support your baby’s growing bones and won’t conform to your baby’s airway, allowing them to sleep soundly and comfortably every night.

How many pillows should my baby have?

Make sure to avoid filling the crib with pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals – all of which can be suffocation hazards. Remember: bare is best. All you need in a crib is a mattress with a tight fitting sheet.

Should I go eco friendly?

Nowadays, many cribs are made from safe, eco friendly products. These include materials such as sustainable wood, non-toxic paint, and organic fabrics and covers. However, note that while these green materials are safer, they also tend to drive up the price.

Should I get a new crib for each new baby?

If your children are born several years apart, it may be more affordable in the long run to buy one good quality standard crib that you can pass on to each new child. However, if you have only one child and don’t plan to have any more, it may be better to purchase a convertible crib that can simply be adjusted as they grow older. While second-hand cribs may be more affordable, parents are advised to not use cribs that are more than 10 years old as they may not match modern safety requirements.

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