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10 Exciting Art & Craft Centres In Klang Valley That let Your Kids Be Creative!

Many parents often say they would love to make creative projects with their kids but sadly they are not crafty enough. Don’t worry there are hundreds of art classes that you can enrol your kids to channel their creativity and artistic side. All these classes require no special skills or talents as long as your kids are interested to learn! We have rounded 10 best Art & Craft Centres in Kuala Lumpur for you to choose. Take a pick!

1. MY Art Studio

MY Art Studio was established with the objective of inspiring children’s creativity through their interesting art courses. They offer various forms of art class such as Children Creativity Development Course (CCDC), Children Graphic Course and MY Nursery Art.

CCDC is an art course that designed accordingly to artistry psychogenesis and psycho-development of children. These art courses are able to help in the development of children creativity in art and thinking. Children Graphic Course is an art course that emphasizes drawing and colouring skill using various types of
art materials. The artwork is focused more on cartoon and comic style. Children are also exposed to more than 60 types of art skills and effect using different type of drawing materials. For more info about MY Art Studio, please visit their website.

2. Children’s Art Studio

Give your child the power to express themselves with confidence! Children’s Art Studio provides an environment for teachers to work with each child, answer questions, demonstrate techniques and encourage exploration. This art studio is designed for children and teens of all abilities. Many of children who join the class find a new interest in exploring their own creativity. Here, children are let to paint, draw, sketch, hand-craft, sculpt, design, imagine and explore using a wide variety of artist materials and techniques in a fun way! Visit Children’s Art Studio for more info.

3. Artis Kids Store

Art Workshop at Artis Kids Store Kuala Lumpur Malaysia dedicated to nurture and open young minds to innovative art processes within a workshop atmosphere which provides a healthy environment to foster a team-building, team spirit and effective communication of ideas among one another. Artis Kids Store is such a fun place for your kids to explore their creativity. You can choose from Eat Craft Workshop, Clay Art Workshop and many more interesting classes!

In Eat Craft Workshop, you kids will learn how to mastering mixing, measuring, kneading and tasting. Want to try something unique? Enrol Clay Art Workshop and exhibit your talent via artworks. Go to Artis Kids Store for more info.

4. Da Vincci Creative Kids

Da Vinci is a member of The One Group, and the only children’s arts & crafts school founded by The One Academy, one of Asia’s most respected institutions in creative education. With over 22 years’ experience in developing successful young adults in the tertiary level, The One Academy now lends its immense resources towards helping children to develop a strong platform to all-round life success. They offer art class, fun craft, glass painting and also fine art class. Specially designed for children aged 4 onwards, it aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation and self-motivation. Visit Da Vincci Creative Kids for more info.

5. A-One Children Art & Interactive Learning Centre

Creative art classes for children 3 1/2 years old to secondary school. A-One Children Art & Interactive Learning Centre helps your kids to channel their creativity on paper. Let your kids explore creativity by sketching, colouring, painting and other creative arts at this studio. Equipped with talented teachers, they will assist your kids throughout the class. Go to A-One Children Art & Interactive Learning Centre for more info about their classes.

6. The Studio @ KL

The ever famous art studio in KL! The Studio now offers art classes for children that put your kid above all else. Lessons offered are project-based and each project can take around four weeks to complete. So, this class really teaches your kids about commitment and also to have fun while learning. Learn the right way on how to master arts at The Studio@KL.

7. Lara’s Place

Popular with parents for offering a wide range of productive after-school activities, Lara’s Place also makes sure that the young ones aren’t left out. Now offering courses on clay art, your child can expect to have a blast creating colourful and fun little projects out of polymer clay! A great environment for your kids to learn art and fully equipped with professional teachers. It’s never too late to join Lara’s Place art class!

 8. Sophia Centre

Classes cover a wide range of basics from drawing to watercolour painting. Sophia Centre‘s instructor has had more than 12 years of experience in teaching arts & crafts to children, so you know that your child will be in expert hands from the moment you drop them off to when you come to pick them up! It is a centre for creative exploration and astistic expression. They believe that everyone is creative in their own special way. Channel your creativity at Sophia Centre now.

9. Clay Expression

Something a little different from the usual pencils and brushes! Not just for adults, Clay Expression also offers monthly classes for children. Here, you will not see a single shred of drawing paper in sight with wet blocks of clay in its place. You can choose from two types of classes, pottery or clay building, and expect a cute monthly souvenir proudly crafted by your precious one! For more info about Clay Expression class, go to their website.

10. Art Genius

In Art Genius, they offer a wide range of art enrichment courses where the students are exposed to visual art, mixed media coloring, glass painting, acrylic painting, crafts, group activities and games and many more to help your kids develop a solid foundation of creativity as well as creating awareness and promote interest in art. There is no fixed syllabus and every student will be given different artwork each class, which is suitable for them. Besides, they are also given opportunities to express their ideas and imagination during their classes, which in turn will help them produce their own unique artwork even though they are given the same tasks. Visit Art Genius for more info.

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