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Vital Shine provides a combination of carefully selected nourishing ingredients – He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti), bamboo shoot extract, millet seed extract, white tea extract and sea buckthorn for maintaining healthy hair. Hair follicle cells experience high turnover. They require a good supply of nutrients and energy. A deficiency of several components may occur, such as vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids. This may lead to structural abnormalities, pigmentation changes, or hair loss.

Main features:
1. Reduce Premature Greying
2. Build Stronger hair from the roots
3. Convenient and great tasting

Take 1 bottle daily. Shake well before drinking. Best served chilled. Children under 12 years – Not recommended.

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    Nik Zulaikha
    276 reviews

    Less hair fall & promote thicker hair

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 19, 2020

    I have been drinking this drink for the past two months. It really reduces my hair loss besides the hair looks thicker especially on the left & right sides of the hair. I like the sweet and sour taste & do not plan to stop drinking it in the next few months

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    80 reviews

    Rambut lebih bersinar, tiada lagi keguguran rambut

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 16, 2018

    Saya mengalami masalah keguguran rambut yang agak teruk selepas melahirkan anak kedua, rambut kusam dan kuku mudah patah. Tapi selepas mencuba Blckmores Vital Shine beberapa kali, rambut saya mulai bersinar dan keguguran rambut berkurangan. Kuku jadi lebih kuat dan cantik.

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