Blackmores B+c 30s

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Blackmores B+C is a dietary supplement containing B-group vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid to support the body when nutritional status is compromised by lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking and excess alcohol consumption or unbalanced diet.

Why should I take Blackmores B + C?

  • Everyday, we are exposed to stress of all kinds, including emotional stress and overindulgence, which increases the excretion of vitamin C from our bodies and therefore raises our need for this vitamin.
  • Blackmores B Plus C may be beneficial in times of stress and when the body is depleted of the nutrients, vitamins B and C. The B group of vitamins and vitamin C are water soluble. Most water soluble vitamins are not stored in large amounts by the body. This makes their regular consumption necessary. These vitamins are required in increasing amounts during periods of stress.
  • B group vitamins are necessary for normal function and maintenance of the body system. Alcohol consumption can impede the absorption and utilization of the B vitamins, especially vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is required for alcohol metabolism.
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