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Repairs and regenerates, from within!
We are all naturally susceptible to a decline in natural Human Growth Factor, and in time, we’re bound to face cell degeneration and aging. The process can be halted though, with this revolutionary product, BIOSPRAY, which promotes the secretion of more Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from our body, while supplementing our cells with the nutrients it needs, including Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) Colostrum Extracts. As a comprehensive nutritional supplement, BIOSPRAY from NUTRIC is specifically created for cell repair, regeneration and defense, strengthening the body’s constitution, improving skin elasticity, delaying aging and helping with memory function. It also facilitates the growth of human bones and muscles. The unique formula comes from colostrum and four types of amino acids: L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine. Free from artificial hormones and safe for long-term use, 5 sprays under the tongue at bedtime is all we need to help boost the body’s natural repair mechanism, keeping the symptoms of aging at bay.

Helping to strengthen our resistance and defence mechanisms for a healthier life
Ending our quest for a stronger immune system is BIOSPRAY PLUS from NUTRIC, which is formulated with 22 amino acids, 10 vitamins, 10 minerals, and most crucially, Colostrum, which is rich in Growth Factor as well as Immune Factor hormones. These nutrients not only strengthen the body’s immune system, strengthen the body’s constitution, the body functions more flexibly, but also help you have the ability to resist the invasion of disease at all times. BIOSPRAY PLUS’s ingredients are absolutely natural. Just 5 sprays under the tongue each morning will help strengthen the immune system from within, for a stronger, more resilient body. Formulated to repair and rejuvenate the cells in our body, BIOSPRAY PLUS also helps in cell metabolism. This award-winning duo helps us acquire a simply better quality of life by repairing, and rejuvenating our body from the inside, keeping diseases away and helping people move towards a healthy life.

衰老是人体自然的生理过程,每个人都希望通过各种方式来延缓机体衰老和退化,比如 NUTRIC 专门研发的这款革命性产品 BIOSPRAY,能促进人体分泌更多的人类生长荷尔蒙(Human Growth Hormone – HGH), 帮助人体的细胞补充所需的营养,其中包括:类胰岛素生长因子-1(IGF-1)。

NUTRIC 独家研发的 BIOSPRAY 堪称是全方位的营养补充剂,具有促进细胞再生、自然修复及防御的生物学功能,有助于强化身体体质,对皮肤再生有利,从而达到增加皮肤弹性,延缓衰老的作用;同时利于人体骨骼、肌肉的生长,并有助于增强记忆力。独特配方来自初乳及四种氨基酸:精氨酸、乌氨酸、谷氨酰胺、赖氨酸,其不含人工激素,无需任何注射,绝对安全、方便使用,每天睡觉前在舌下喷5次即可,帮助您开启身体的自然修复机制,达到延缓衰老的作用。

BIOSPRAY PLUS 帮助增强防御力和抵抗力,迈向健康人生!
免疫系统从多个方面守护着人体健康,想要进一步加强自身的免疫力,NUTRIC 独家研发的 BIOSPRAY PLUS 堪称强化细胞的全方位营养辅助品。重点在于它具有丰富成长因子及免疫因子的初乳液,以及包含了22种氨基酸、10种维生素及10种矿物质。这些营养素不但可以增强人体免疫系统,强化身体体质,身体机能更灵活,也助您时时刻刻有能力抵抗疾病的侵略。BIOSPRAY PLUS 成分绝对天然,每天早上在舌下喷5次,长期服用即会感觉到自身的免疫力提升了。BIOSPRAY PLUS 独特配方专为修复再生人体细胞而设,协助细胞进行新陈代谢,达到防御细胞的作用。

BIOSPRAY 与 BIOSPRAY PLUS 作为屡获殊荣的营养补充剂组合,通过从内到外吸收,达到修复和恢复身体活力,远离疾病,并帮助人们迈向健康人生。

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