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BIOLANE Strech Mark Oil improves skin suppleness in order to minimize the appearance of strech marks during pregnancy, and to encourage the reduction of emerging strech marks.

With organic argan oil, rich in omega 6, it nourishes and helps strenghten the skin’s elasticity for improved resistance to streching during pregnancy.

Non-greasy texture which penetrates repidly enabling you to get dressed immediately after application, without leaving marks on clothing.

  1. xuenxuen75
    64 reviews

    Good in preventing stretch mark during pregnancy

    4 out of 5, reviewed on May 20, 2020

    i have bought Biolane Stretch mark during my pregnancy and i applied it throughout my pregnancy journey. I dont have serious strecth mark at all. It is moisturising my skin and preventing serious stretch mark happened during my pregnancy journey. It is not sticky and it is fast absorped into the skin.

  2. Vero9828
    142 reviews

    Significant result

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 30, 2019

    Recommended by my sister. She applied it from the start of pregnancy and even after pregnancy she still using it. For about half a year after deliver the baby only she stops using it. Surprisingly it reduces the stretch mark and very effective. The oil is fast in absorbing into the skin and very easy to get it in pharmacies. Try it out dear mummy to be.

  3. haohao21
    177 reviews

    Effective in preventing stretch mark during pregnancy

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 3, 2019

    My wife is using this Biolane stretch mark oil since she is pregnant. She applies it daily after shower. She is in her 3rd trimester now and she only has mild stretch mark thus far. Biolane stretch mark oil is really effective in preventing stretch mark during her pregnancy. However the price of the Biolane stretch mark oil is expensive. One bottle is around RM90+.

  4. Chinthat94
    93 reviews

    No more stretch mark

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 22, 2019

    Recommended by my sister. It works well for my wife. Fast absorption leaving no sticky feel on her skin. Importantly it reduced and making stretch marks faint and not obvious

  5. GKHong35
    76 reviews

    Prevent stretch mark during pregnancy

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 2, 2019

    My wife is using Biolane stretch mark during her pregnancy period. It minimise her pregnancy stretch mark using the stretch mark oil. It is fast absorption and its scent is smell good. However The price is expensive.

  6. ferdizetty37
    491 reviews

    Minyak cepat mnyerap pada permukaan kulit

    3 out of 5, reviewed on November 5, 2017

    Saya pernah mcuba minyak utk kesan regangan Biolane ni.Saya sukakan baunya yg wangi dan berbau lembut.Tekstur minyaknya juga cepat mnyerap pada permukaan kulit,mmg mmbantu mngurangkan kesan rekahan pada perut saya ketika hamil.Tapi mgkin saya lebih memilih losyen biolane untuk strech mark kerana bagi saya losyen berbentuk krim lebih mudah digunakan.

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