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BIOLANE Hypoallergenic** Liquid Talc is a new formula of emulsion which, on contact with the skin,transforms into talc. Its formula reproduces all the properties of classic talc while avoiding the problems of volatility of a powder.

It has been specially designed to protect all of an infant’s skin folds that are sensitive to redness and irritation (neck, legs, bottom, armpits, etc). Its plant-origin powder gently absorbs any excess dampness responsible for irritation. It strengthens the skin’s natural protective film against harsh external factors (urine, stools, rubbing of clothes and nappies, etc). Its panthenol content (0.5%) prevents redness and irritation.

Its formula with hydra-bléïne® helps to soften baby’s skin. PARABEN-FREE

**formulated to minimize the risk of an allergy

  1. Avatar

    152 reviews

    Perfect to replace powder talc

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 5, 2017

    Recently, powder talc is become an issue for mommies because the dust from the powder can harm babies and it is not good for long time usage. I am so glad Biolane got this liquid talc. I can use it with no worries. No complaint because it is so good. Smells good, and functioning exactly like powder talc to keep babies skin dry and to prevent rashes.

  2. Avatar

    11 reviews

    No comment because this talc is good

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 25, 2017

    Good product and the best from Biolane .. I really loved their product .. others should try ??its recommended

  3. Khaliq Khalimi
    61 reviews

    Definitely recommended.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 11, 2017

    The liquid talc feels nice and fresh. Best thing about it is that there is no excess powder flying around! Even if i accidentally drop it, it doesnt create a mess. Liquid to powder finish provides much convenience. Easy to apply and gentle on the skin.

    Definitely recommended.

  4. Betty Liew
    263 reviews

    Protect baby that have sensitive skin

    4 out of 5, reviewed on October 7, 2017

    Is easy to use and easy to carry with. The liquid turn into classic talc that help protect redness skin. Help to calm the irritated skin.

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