Biogrow Citrus

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As nutritional research advanced, protein, fat and carbohydrate carriers and their critical role in nutrient delivery were discovered.

BIOGROW-CITRUS contains RE-NATURED® Vitamin C with Rutin and Bioflavonoids where the RE-NATURED® Vitamin C is molecularly bonded into a concentrated food complex (comprised of proteins, fats and carbohydrates) – just as they are found in natural foods.

RE-NATURED® Vitamin C is well:

  • Absorbed
  • Retained
  • Used by our body

Benefits of RE-NATURED® Nutrients:

  • High bioavailability of vitamins and minerals
  • Well distribution of nutrients in the body
  • Can be taken anytime convenient (before/after meal)

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that

  • can protect cells from free radical damage
  • is essential for healthy bones, teeth and gums
  • helps in the formation of collagen in the body
  • supports general health maintenance
  • strengthens the body

Rutins and bioflavonoids facilitates the absorption and utilization of Vitamin C.

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