Biogreen OxyLemon Enzymes

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High quality and nourishing Biogreen2u OxyLemon Enzymes is made from fermentation of 100% organic sun-dried grapes, freshly squeezed lemon juice and organic apple cider vinegar. This refreshing enzyme drink with high antioxidant ingredients is specially formulated for busy working adults and helps in burning excess fat. Sip a glass of OxyLemon Enzymes after long hour in front of the computer to oxygenate, boost your energy level and reduce fatigues!


  • High antioxidant ingredients helps to oxygenate, facilitate youthful skin
  • Facilitate fat burning, helps in weight management
  • Helps to boost energy level and reduce fatigue
  • Aids in digestion, helps in nutrient absorption
  • Alkaline ingredients, helps to regulate body pH
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