Biogreen Oates’ Cocoa Oatmilk Premium

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Let’s have superb concentrated creamy and healthy cocoa taste- Biogreen Oates’ Cocoa Oatmilk for either gain energetic in morning or take a break in high tea time, sure you will LOVE it very much!! Superb concentrated creamy cocoa taste oatmilk especially for cocoa lovers. Biogreen Oates’ Cocoa Oatmilk is rich in cocoa taste, smooth texture and irresistible aroma.

It is a nutritional balance beverage, rich in soluble oat fibres which can reduce raised cholesterol levels. This natural cocoa powder is high in flavanoid and antioxidants, contains Omega 3 & 6 and is cholesterol free to reduce cardiovascular diseases. It contains organic oats and organic soya milk which provides complete amino acids to the body. Less sweet with inulin (prebiotic), it improves colon health and aids in nutrient absorption. It is no cow milk and lactose free.

  1. Shahrul64
    164 reviews

    Untuk minum pagi yang lazat

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 23, 2017

    Setiap pagi saya mengamalkan biogreen Oates cocoa Oatmilk. Rasa yang kenyang tanpa perlu makan nasi lemak. Mudah di bancuh. Sesuai untuk mereka yang mempunyai masalah sembelit. Biogreen Oates Cocoa ini juga mempunyai fungsi sebagai fiber. Rasa kenyang yang berpanjangan. Rasa minuman ini juga agak sedap sekali.

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