BioGaia Probiotic Chewable Tablets Gut Health

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BioGaia Probiotic Chewable Tablets Gut Health

BioGaia Probiotic Chewable Tablets Gut Health are clinically proven, health fortifying, natural active cultures. The word probiotic means “for life. There is a constant battle going on in your gut between good and bad bacteria. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle favors that bad ones which may cause diseases. The good bacteria that are natural to the body need reinforcements.

BioGaia Probiotic chewable tablets contain Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis, a natural lactobacillus that helps the good guys restore a natural balance in your gut. L. reuteri Protectis has been tested in a number of clinical studies and proven effective as well as safe for both adults and children.

BioGaia: There’s Nothing Like It
BioGaia’s L. reuteri is a natural colonizer in humans from birth. It is even found in the milk of breastfeeding mothers. The content of L. reuteri found in breast milk varies from mother to mother. In fact, breast milk from lactating mothers living in rural areas contains more L. reuteri than breast milk from mothers in urban areas. Other probiotic species’ natural living environments are outside the human body and are just temporary residents derived from ingested food. Scientists feel that L. reuteri’s indigenous status is a major contributing factor to its health-enhancing effects and exceptional safety record.

BioGaia is happy to be helping children get a healthy start in life.

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