Bifesta Cleansing Sheet Moist

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1. Open the cap and pull the ring of the inner plug with your finger. 2. Take out 1 sheet at a time & wipe off your makeup gently. 3. Use on dry skin. 4. Re-fold this sheet so that you can remove your makeup with a clean surface & repeat until no dirt is attached to the sheet. 5. When removing eye makeup, especially waterproof mascara, allow same time for the product to lift the makeup before wiping gently. For fast removal, try Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover. 6. Double cleansing with facial foam is not required. 7. You may proceed to the next step of skin care without rinsing it off. 8. To prevent quality deterioration of contents due to drying, reseal the package completely after use. 9. After opening, please use as soon as possible.

  1. Jaz Lw
    1 reviews

    This magical sheet is awesome!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 8, 2020

    Bifesta cleansing sheet is definitely at the top of your list to buy if you wear make-up regularly. This product saves my time on removing make-up, one sheet that’s it and you’re done! Can you imagine make-up removal can be done within a minute after a long day? This saves my life! I’ve been using it for years and will continue to use it.

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