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BENPHYSIO is a Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine clinic servicing the community in and around Kuala Lumpur. Their goal is to expand beyond KL in 2023. The clinic emphasizes on precise-diagnosis, hands-on physiotherapy, guided exercise, and dry needling.

‘Hands-on’ or ‘Manual Therapy’ is a style of Physiotherapy which has been used for decades and forms the root of Physiotherapy treatment. It uses various handling techniques to promote healing and relieve pain. The focus of ‘Hands-on’ treatment is to assess and diagnose the impact that joints and muscles have on a condition and how these limitations can be changed through manual techniques. Recurrence of injuries can be significantly reduced when you know what the mechanism of injury is.

A thorough assessment by a trained physiotherapist at BENPHYSIO will be able to explain the root cause of your injury, as well as the consequences afterwards. Of course, this is followed by the appropriate hands-on technique, which includes Joint Mobilisation/manipulation of the spine or the joints. This means that the joint is moved by the Physiotherapist’s hands through various directional movements to achieve full range of movement and pain relief.

Another famous hands-on technique, called Soft tissue massage/manipulation, or Myofascial Release uses various styles, pressure, orientation, direction to relax or stretch a muscle, to relieve spasms, tension or tightness. The Physiotherapist will feel through their hands what the muscles are doing and how they can impact the condition.

BENPHYSIO is not only a pain-centre. This clinic, headquartered at the Oval Damansara, also diagnoses the root cause of your physical pain or disability in a context parallel to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) international classification of functioning, disability and health. This includes your physical, mental, social and environmental-health.

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