Beko Launches Intelligent Performance Steam Station Iron

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Beko, the number one freestanding home appliance brand in Europe, has launched the Steam Station Iron.

The new powerful, precise and efficient Beko Steam Station iron lets you get through ironing in efficient time as compared to most standard irons. The Beko Steam Station iron features a separate unit of steam generator so that your iron does not carry the tiresome weight of an inbuilt water container, and therefore eases maneuverability.

The Beko steam iron provides non-stop ironing for a one liter (1L) water tank which is detachable to refill water easily.

Intelligent steam delivery
Beko’s SteamXtra™ delivers specially engineered inclined steam vents and precise steam tip to smoothen cloths faster and easier. The steam pump is engineered with 6 bar pressure and it delivers continuous steam at a rate of up to 110 grams per minute for efficient ironing results. Deeper crumples can be tackled with the steam boost, which is also handy if you need to get that attire ironed in a hurry.

An anti-calc cartridge filters calcium compounds from tap water to prevent buildup and to sustain consistent flow of steam.

Smart ECO Mode
The Smart Eco Mode automatically sets the optimum steam and temperature according to the fabric types. The smart technology allows you to get your ironing with the best results while automatically adjusting the electricity consumption during your ironing cycle to avoid energy wastages.

The Smart Eco Mode is designed to save energy consumption as compared to the standard iron’s maximum temperature setting. It also takes care of shin finishes which happen if your iron is too hot and it protects your cloth fibers from heat damage while removing the creases on the cloth fabric.

High tech Ceramic-Coated Soleplate
The scratch resistant, ceramic coated soleplate ensures steam penetration and equal heat distribution for better ironing results. The soleplate also glides easily on all fabric types and avoids the risk of damaging your cloths. The A-shaped tip design of the soleplate lets you tackle the folds and hard to reach ironing areas easily.

Digital Control Panel
The digital control LED screen on the Beko Steam Station iron is tech savvy in design and provides easy operation of the iron and temperature settings. The Beko Steam Station Iron comes with an auto shut-off if the iron is idle for 10 minutes as a safety feature.

Official Partner of the Everyday
The official partner of the everyday, Beko is improving the user experience with its new range of small domestic appliances equipped with innovative new technologies. Beko’s new Steam Station Iron brings a new level of functionality along with high efficiency and durability to everyday lives, so that you can enjoy perfectly ironed laundry whilst saving effort and time.

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Beko Steam Station Iron

  • Faster and easier ironing with Beko Steam Station Iron
  • Intelligent design for smart and impeccable ironing
  • Smart Eco Mode and steam power that gets more ironing done with less energy


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