Bayticol Wash EC 6% Tick Prevent

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For the control and elimination of ectoparasites in dogs


  • For the control and elimination of ectoparasites in dogs such as ticks, fleas, mites and lices.
  • The Bayticol 6% E.C. is effective for killing both adults and tick larvae at all stages. In addition, itprevents
  • laying of engorge ticks.
  • This product is safe for using in pregnant, lactating and debilitated animals as well as puppies.


1. Prepare a 40 ppm solution by diluting 10 ml of theBayticol 6% E.C. in 15 litre of water

2. Bath the dogs with shampoo and rinse off first, then using a sponge rub the diluted solution thoroughly entire the dog(s body (rub in the direction that isopposite to hair), especially at paws and ear pinnas and towel dry. Do not rinse off and do not allow the animals to lick on their bodies.

**Repeat every 2 weeks or if signs of infestation (live ectoparasites) reappear on dogs.

3. The diluted solution of the Bayticol 6% E.C. (as mentioned in #1) can be used to spray on the affected area such as bedding area or kennel of dogs.

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