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Waffle for Breakfast with Bayers
Comfort eating, we’ve all done it. Sometimes, the places we go to tend to ruin our day with uncooked waffles, or condiments that just does not hit your taste buds. As a solution, Bayer Belgian Waffle Maker is the way to go, its non-stick, double sided pan will guarantee the batter is cooked. The indicator lights will let users know when to add batter and when its cooked.

Non-Stick Ease with Light Indicator
This Bayer Belgian Waffle Maker is great for home use; it fits on the counter without taking up any space. It has indicator lights to let the users know when is the ideal time to put in the batter and with its non-stick interior, waffles can be removed without leaving any pieces behind. This non-stick interior also makes it easier for it to be cleaned.

Dual-Side for Crunchy Goodness
This dual-sided pan and its non-stick coating will cook the batter evenly. This will guarantee that your waffles are crunchy and golden. It has the familiar grid patterns with the pockets.
Baking is therapeutic to many and it gets even better when you have the right appliances. You often crave for a good cake but are tired of all those expensive unreasonably-sugary pastries and cakes from the stores? Then why not make a cake of your own? Now it is made easy with Bayers Stand Mixer SM-18. With this creative product from Bayers, you can make great-tasting pastries with the comfort of your own home.

Dual-Function Handheld Mixer & Stand Mixer Combo
Elevate the ordinary to extraordinary with help from this Bayers Stand Mixer SM-18. The two-in-one mixer functions as both a stand mixer and a handheld mixer, smoothly converting from one to the other as needed for remarkable ease and exceptional versatility. Equipped with a powerful 150-watt motor, the two-in-one mixer comes in handy as a stand mixer when it’s time to mix those heavier concoctions like garlic mashed potatoes or chocolate-chip cookie dough. It also works well for effectively kneading and thoroughly mixing yeast dough with the included pair of hooks–effortlessly prepare dough for homemade pizza, French bread, garlic bread sticks, and more.

Perfect Baking Mate from Bayers
Each beater rotates independently of one another while the free-spinning mixing bowl rotates automatically. This synchronized three-way mixing action swirls ingredients into the perfect consistency. Whether it’s mixing a light load or heavy concoction, the countertop appliance offers the ultimate convenience of leaving your hands free for measuring out additional ingredients or for preparing that next step in the recipe–or simply for those recipes that require a longer mixing time, like lemon meringue or freshly whipped cream.

Heavy Duty Performance from Bayers
Best of all, unlike other stand mixers on the market, Bayers Stand Mixer SM-18 provides heavy-duty performance without the heavy-duty costs. Remove the handheld mixer from the stand by simply turning off the power, tilting the cradle back, and holding the mixer while pressing the head-release button on the bottom of the cradle. The handheld mixer with the included chrome beaters clicked into place; makes easy work of mixing lighter ingredients like cake mix or pancake batter. To re-attach the mixer to the stand, insert the handheld mixer’s front into the two slots on the cradle and push the back of the mixer until it snaps into place.

Secure, Comfortable and Easy from Bayers
The mixer’s large, gently curved handle ensures a secure, comfortable grip for reduced hand fatigue during heavy or long mixing tasks, and its thumb-accessible power switch and speed control dial allow for turning the mixer on and off and increasing or decreasing the speed. Additional highlights include a head that tilts back for easy bowl access, an attachment-eject button for removing the beaters or dough hooks, and a smooth exterior that wipes clean with a damp cloth.

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