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BabySight Sdn Bhd serves to help prevent blindness or detect eye conditions amongst newborns by screening soonest. Newborn eye screening is gaining traction worldwide, with BabySight pioneering UNEED (Universal Newborn Eye Exam Digital) screening in Malaysia. BabySight also outsources UNEED service solutions in an effort to make this advanced program available to all maternity departments in hospitals. Accordingly, BabySight seeks to work closely with hospitals to promote UNEED to benefit all infants.

BabySight also provides Retcam Shuttle Digital Imaging Services, Malaysia’s first, at an affordable rate. Retcam Shuttle Rental is also available. Its Universal Neonatal Eye Examination program is a comprehensive procedure which utilises proven state-of-the-art digital imaging telemedicine technologies. The services offered by BabySight include Newborn Eye Screening and Mother & Baby Eye Screening.  Products also include the ‘Infant Vision Stimulation Flashcards’, a set of 25 durable, double-sided, high-contrast flashcards, which assist in infant visual stimulation, including developing a child’s nerves and cognitive perception.

Furthermore, these flashcards have been endorsed by ophthalmologists and retinal specialists with paediatric expertise as being safer than using gadgets; while improving concentration skills, enhancing natural curiosity and stimulating neuro-development.

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