Baby Foot Deodorant Mist

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Deodorize your feet with Zinc Phenolsulfonate. It is able to spray on socks, stockings, or even sweaty shoes directly.

Baby Foot Deodorant Mist is the perfect size and strength for all your foot odor needs. With active ingredients (zinc paraphenolsulfonate) that prevent odors from spreading and curb your body’s production of sweat, the deodorant can be used on a variety of clothing, from socks and stockings to shoes and boots.

Baby Foot Deodorant is designed to get rid of the stuffy, stinky foot smell you’d expect after hours of walking or even sitting. The mist contains oyster tannin, which is extremely effective in breaking up odors naturally – there’s no chemical smell to worry about.

How to Use

Spray on the foot if you are anxious about the presence of an odor. It can be applied even if wearing socks, stockings, or directly to the shoes.

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