b.liv Dump Off Drawn

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Melts away signs of fatigue, wanness and age from your face with this serum!

Dump off drawn is the ultimate antidote if urban life is draining life out of your skin – energizes, brighten and firms your complexion in due haste, while fighting against their appearance all day long! Armed with power-boosting ingredients, resveratrol and soy isoflavone, it extends the youth span of skin, leading it to blaze with vibrancy and youthfulness! helps treat skin concerns such as:
• Dullness, mild pigmentation spots, or uneven skin tone
• Dryness
• Visible pores
• Slightly loosened skin, or mild fine lines
• Less refined skin texture


  • Fights the signs of aging
  • Contributes to long-term skin revitalization
  • Re-energizes your skin so that you look and feel younger
  • Eliminates drawn features, dullness and sallow complexion
  • Improves skin elasticity and restores skin radiance

Best For

Best for all skin types, ages 25 years old and above.
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