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Aug 14, 2017 Yeo’s Chicken Curry With Potatoes The taste is okay.
Aug 14, 2017 Adabi Canned Sardines In Tomato Sauce No fishy smell, the taste of tomato sauce is just right.
Aug 13, 2017 BiO-LiFE Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus Providing OMEGA-3.
Aug 12, 2017 Nescafe Gold Nescafe that rich in taste.
Aug 12, 2017 Nescafe Smoovlate Love the taste.
Aug 12, 2017 Dutch Lady Purefarm UHT Milk My family's favourite milk.
Aug 12, 2017 Nestle Koko Crunch A must have for kids before going to school.
Aug 12, 2017 Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest Just ok.
Aug 12, 2017 Mary Kay Botanical Effects Mask Formula 2 (Normal Skin) Mask that helps reduces pores and oil.
Aug 12, 2017 Redoxon Double Action Effervescent Tablets Blackcurrant A good source of vitamin C
Aug 12, 2017 Systema Toothbrush Sensitive The perfect toothbrush for sensitive teeth.
Aug 12, 2017 T3 Pimple Gel+ 15g Good to remove pimple.
Aug 12, 2017 WONDA Original The one & only Wonda coffee that I like.
Aug 12, 2017 Panasonic 4.0L Electric Pump Thermo Pot Long lasting Electric Pump Thermo Pot
Aug 12, 2017 Breeze Powder Power Clean Suitable for whites especially school uniforms.
Aug 12, 2017 Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Like having a personal barista at home!
Aug 12, 2017 Tefal BL3051 BlendForce Blender Tefal blender helps me a lot!
Aug 12, 2017 Samsung Galaxy S7 The right size with the best camera experience.
Aug 12, 2017 SkinLabs Concentrated Vitamin E Cream It helps to improve and
Aug 12, 2017 The Body Shop Kahaia White Floral Fragrance One of the best The Body Shop perfume.
Aug 12, 2017 Morphy Richards Accents 242031 4 Slice Toaster The best toaster I've ever had.
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