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Date Product/Service Review Rating
Sep 01, 2019 Dermatix Ultra Effective in lightening and flattening scars.
Sep 01, 2019 Off! Active Insect Repellent protect you from mosquitoes bite
Sep 01, 2019 Mustela Baby Oil My baby feels comfort when I massage him with Mustela Baby Oil
Sep 01, 2019 BON Probiokidz ME Good for kids. Good in building strong immune system.
Sep 01, 2019 Mamaway Crossover Nursing Bra The bra is so comfortable and it is perfect to wear during pregnancy or during breastfeeding
Jul 19, 2019 Nestle Koko Crunch HEalthy cereal for kids
Jul 19, 2019 Nutella Hazelnut Spread Yummy Nutella spread
Jul 19, 2019 Homesoy Original Refreshing drinks
Jul 19, 2019 Homesoy Brown Sugar Prefer original flavour
Jul 19, 2019 Ayam Brand Baked Beans Light Yummy baked beans!
Jul 19, 2019 Mentos Mints My favourite mentos mint!
Jul 19, 2019 Mentos Roll A must have sweet in my bag
Jul 19, 2019 Massimo White Sandwich One of my favourite bread
Jul 19, 2019 Gardenia Original Classic My energy provider
Jul 19, 2019 Sunlight Lemon Diswash Liquid Clean stubborn stains and oil easily
Jul 19, 2019 Sunlight Lime Diswash Liquid Good dishwashing liquid
Jul 19, 2019 Labour Dishwashing Liquid Can clean stubborn stains
Jul 19, 2019 K-MOM Organic Baby Wipes Expensive wipes
Jul 19, 2019 Pureen Baby Wipes in Pink Packaging Ok to use
Jul 19, 2019 Pureen Baby Wipes (Blue Packaging) Not bad
Jul 19, 2019 Anakku Baby Wipes Nice to use
Jul 19, 2019 Pureen Baby Wipes (Fragrance Free) Thumbs up for it
Jul 19, 2019 Carrie Junior Baby Bath Nice scent
Jul 19, 2019 Carrie Junior Baby Hair & Body Wash Refreshing scent and my kids love it so much!
Jul 19, 2019 JOHNSON’S® baby top-to-toe™ wash Nice scent
Jul 18, 2019 Yakult Health Drink Our favourite drinks!
Jul 18, 2019 VITAGEN My family's favourite drinks
Jul 18, 2019 Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh Conditioner Not keen in this green colour packaging. Prefer Smooth and Manageable Sunsilk Shampoo
Jul 18, 2019 Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable shampoo Using it for years till now. Loving it so much!
Jul 18, 2019 F&N 100 Plus My best drinks after my exercises and gym
Jul 18, 2019 Horlick Original Malt Flavour Too sweet to me
Jul 18, 2019 Nestle MILO ACTIV-GO my energy drinks daily
Jul 18, 2019 PetPet Disposable Baby Diaper Its material is thin and not too absorbent
Jul 18, 2019 Drypers Wee Wee Dry Disposable Diaper Economy type of diaoers which satisfied my baby's need
Jun 22, 2017 Sunlight Lime Diswash Liquid Effective in cleaning stubborn stains
Jun 22, 2017 Mentos Mints I like the mint flavour the most
Jun 22, 2017 Shokubutsu Sakura Whitening The smell is nice
Jun 22, 2017 LUX Soft Touch Body Wash It smells so good!
Jun 22, 2017 Clorox Original Bleach Clean stubborn stains easily
Jun 22, 2017 Ayam Brand Baked Beans my kids' favourite
Jun 22, 2017 Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea Refreshing drinks
Jun 22, 2017 Anlene Milk Powder Good for bone development and health
Jun 22, 2017 Pigeon Bottle and Babyfood Warmer Can keep baby food and milk warm
Jun 22, 2017 K-MOM BREAST MILK STORAGE BAG I love the design so much
Jun 22, 2017 Julie’s Love Letter Chocolate Cream Love this chocolate cream biscuits much
Jun 22, 2017 Frisomum Gold It provides nutritional needs during my pregnancy
Jun 22, 2017 NESTLE OMEGA PLUS Milk Powder Good for health
Jun 22, 2017 Yakult Health Drink My kids' favourite
Jun 22, 2017 Pigeon Breast Pad Honeycomb Good absorption and no leakage problem
Jun 22, 2017 Massimo Bread with Wheat Germ My family first choice bread
Jun 22, 2017 JOHNSON’S® baby top-to-toe™ wash Tear-free baby bath
Jun 22, 2017 Ajax Lavender Fresh Antibacterial Long Lasting Freshness
Jun 22, 2017 MAGGI® HOT CUP Sup Ayam Special convenient pack if you are in a rush
Jun 22, 2017 Isomil Plus Growing Up Milk Best soy-based formula for kids
Jun 22, 2017 Ridsect Advance can kill mosquitoes/insects effectively
Jun 22, 2017 Drypers Baby Wipes Good in cleaning baby’s delicate skin without drying
Jun 22, 2017 Drypers Baby Bath Nice smell
Jun 22, 2017 DIAPEX Wonder Pants Diapers Economy diapers
Jun 22, 2017 MamyPoko Air Fit Very expensive
Jun 22, 2017 Quaker Oatmeal Instant Good for health
Jun 22, 2017 Avent Bottle Natural 260ML/9oz Plastic bottle turn milky color very fast.
Jun 22, 2017 MAGGI® Tomato Ketchup My kids' favourite
Jun 22, 2017 Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump Recommended manual pump.
Jun 22, 2017 Ridsect Mat Effective in repelling mosquitoes
Jun 22, 2017 Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 70ml (2016 New Packing) Keeps my face hydrated always
Jun 17, 2017 EZERRA PLUS CREAM Good in curing eczema
Jun 17, 2017 Drypers Drynightsdie Good for night use
Jun 16, 2017 Genki Diaper Pant Good quality diapers
Jun 16, 2017 Champs Dha 100mg My kids daily supplement
Jun 16, 2017 Knife Blended Cooking Oil Best choice of my family
Jun 16, 2017 Maggi Culinary Sauces Yummy taste after add it when stir-fry
Jun 16, 2017 Shieldtox Mosquito Spray Aerosol Kill mosquitoes easily
Jun 16, 2017 Pureen Baby Wipes (Fragrance Free) The best choice of baby wipes
Jun 16, 2017 Nestle MILO ACTIV-GO My family favourite MILO
Jun 16, 2017 Enfagrow A+ Step 3 (1-3 Years) My kids' daily supplement
Jun 16, 2017 Nutella Hazelnut Spread Yummy chocolate taste
Jun 16, 2017 Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Conditioner Good in reducing hair fall problem
Jun 16, 2017 Sudocrem Effective in curing nappy rash
Jun 16, 2017 Huggies Ultra Diapers Super Jumbo Good absorption and can lasts for long hours
Jun 16, 2017 Drypers Wee Wee Dry Disposable Diaper Good product. Great value for money!
Jun 16, 2017 Bio-Essence Bio Treatment Essence in Oil Minimize scar formation
Jun 16, 2017 Pureen Kid Toothpaste (Flouride Free) Perfect for kids
Jun 16, 2017 Pureen Baby Lotion and Vitamin E Perfect for baby skin
Jun 16, 2017 Pureen Liquid Cleanser The best liquid cleanser
Jun 16, 2017 Johnson’s baby bath My family favourite shower gel
Jun 16, 2017 JOHNSON BABY MILK + RICE LOTION The Best Lotion for family use
Jun 16, 2017 Sensodyne Repair & Protect Great in protecting sensitive teeth
Jun 16, 2017 Bio-Essence Hydra Tri Action Aqua Foamy Cleanser It is deeply cleanses and hydrates! Love it so much!
Jun 16, 2017 Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Booster of Hydration of your face
Jun 08, 2017 Cap Limau Yu Yee Oil Best for soothing stomach pain and bloated stomach
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