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Sep 20, 2019 Sharp EC-A1RAS-P Vacuum Cleaner I love it! It is lightweight! Its suction is strong!
Sep 01, 2019 Lunavie Handsfree Pumping Bra Yippie! I can do other things when pumping my breast milk!
Aug 27, 2019 Mamaway Crossover Nursing Bra
Jul 13, 2019 Ayam Brand Baked Beans Light Easy to cook
Jul 13, 2019 Mirinda Orange Prefer orange flavour than other flavour
Jul 13, 2019 F&N High Calcium Sweetened Creamer my first choice of sweetener
Jul 13, 2019 F&N FRUIT TREE prefer orange flavour much!
Jul 13, 2019 Mirinda Strawberry Too sweet to me
Jul 13, 2019 Horlick Original Malt Flavour Healthy drinks
Jul 13, 2019 Drapolene Cream Bye bye Nappy rash
Jul 13, 2019 Mentos Roll One mentos in my mouth, makes me more awake.
Jul 10, 2019 NESTLÉ BLISS® Yogurt Drink Refreshing yokult drinks
Jul 10, 2019 Nescafe Latte I DO not like its taste
Jul 10, 2019 NESCAFÉ Blend & Brew Original Not so strong coffee aroma. Not my cup of coffee
Jul 10, 2019 Ambi Pur Relaxing Lavender Gel Fresh Refreshing smell
Jul 10, 2019 Sharp KS-C186-GL Rice Cooker Multi-functions rice cooker
Jul 10, 2019 Nutox Serum Concentrate effective in reducing your wrinkles and lifting up your skin.
Jul 10, 2019 AJI-NO-MOTO ® Enhance the taste of any dishes
Jul 10, 2019 Ajinomoto AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Pepper Taste nicer if put in a bit of Ajinomoto AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Pepper when cooking dishes
Jul 10, 2019 Ajinomoto SERI-AJI ® So convenient to cook fried rice with Seri Aji fried rice seasoning
Jul 10, 2019 Prego Mushroom Pasta Sauce yummy tomato pasta sauce
Jul 10, 2019 Biolane Dermo-paediatrics Moisturizing Cream Good in moisturising baby's skin
Jul 10, 2019 COLGATE Sugar Acid Neutrlizer Colgate toothpaste -always my favourite brand!
Jul 10, 2019 Johnson’s Baby Active Kids Shiny Drops Shampoo good in maintaining kids' hair silky smooth and shiny
Jul 10, 2019 Dettol Multi Action Cleaner Lavender Nice Lavender smell!
Jul 10, 2019 Clorox Original Bleach Good product. Multi-purpose bleach
Jul 10, 2019 Mamee Double Decker My favourite snacks since young
Jul 10, 2019 Wall’s Solero Split Perfect match of lime and vanilla taste!
Jul 10, 2019 AYAMAS Breaded Chicken Drummets & Mid Wings my kids love it!my kids love it!
Jul 10, 2019 King’s Potong Red Bean our favourite ice cream
Jul 10, 2019 MAGGI® HOT CUP Sup Ayam Special 'fast food'
Jul 10, 2019 MAGGI® HOT CUP Kari Kick Fast, Easy and convenient!
Jul 10, 2019 Maggi Hot Cup Fast solution to solve your hunger!
Jul 10, 2019 Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner Clean stubborn stains easily
Jul 10, 2019 Listerine Natural Green Tea kick away my bad breath problem
Jul 10, 2019 Banana Boat Kids Lotion SPF50 Protecting kids' from sunburn
Jul 10, 2019 Drypers Baby Talcum Not recommended for baby
Jul 10, 2019 Nestle Smarties Single Tube not healthy for kids
Jul 10, 2019 MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles Ayam My lovely supper!
Jul 10, 2019 F&N 100 Plus Best isotonic drinks
Jul 10, 2019 Mentos Bottle my favourite sweet during driving and working
Jul 10, 2019 SUNPLAY SPF130 PA+++ Super Block Clear Finish Lotion Protect your skin from harmful UV rays
Jul 10, 2019 Chips More Original Chocolate Chip Cookies Yummy Yummy!
Jul 10, 2019 Anakku Baby Wipes not my favourite type of baby wipes
Jul 10, 2019 Fruitale Fair White UV Lemon Soap My mother in law's favourite
Jul 10, 2019 Dettol Antibacterial Original Bar Soap my father in law loves to use Dettol bar soap
Jul 10, 2019 Spritzer N/Mineral Water – 1500ML So convenient and it is important to us when there is water retention happening around my housing area.
Jul 08, 2019 Mentos Mints A must have sweet whenever I am driving
Jul 08, 2019 Mentos Roll Mentos is always my best companion during driving and working
Jul 08, 2019 MAGGI® Chicken Stock Cube A must have for steamboat
Jul 08, 2019 Lady’s Choice Peanut Butter I love Lady's choice Peanut butter
Jul 08, 2019 Planta Margarine Multi-purpose My mum's favourite in cooking and baking
Jul 08, 2019 MAGGI® Tomato Ketchup must have it in my kitchen
Jul 08, 2019 Julie’s Le-mond Cheddar Cheese Cream Puff Sandwich Taste nice and yummy
Jul 08, 2019 Munchy’s Lexus Cream Sandwich our favourite snacks
Jul 08, 2019 Munchy’s Oat Krunch My daughter loves Munchy Oat Krunch so much!
Jul 08, 2019 Nestle Milo Cereal Healthy cereal for family
Jul 08, 2019 Pringles® Potato Crisps Original 42g My kids' favourite snack
Jul 08, 2019 Chips More Double Choc Chocolate Cookies Strong chocolate taste biscuits
Jul 08, 2019 Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner Good for those who has hair drop problem
Jul 08, 2019 Dettol Shower Foam Reenergize Refill I do not like it
Jul 08, 2019 Dettol Deep Cleanse Body Wash Not suitable to me
Jul 08, 2019 ANTABAX Antibacterial Shower Cream Refreshing and nice fragrance
Jul 08, 2019 Pureen Baby Powder leaves your tender skin feeling dry, smooth and comfortable.
Jul 08, 2019 Agnesia Antibacterial Powder Powder for rashes or prickly heat
Jul 08, 2019 Pureen Baby Wipes (Green Packaging) prefer orange packaging Pureen Baby Wipes
Jul 08, 2019 Pureen Baby Wipes (Blue Packaging) Orange colour Pureen baby wipes is the best as compared to blue packaging baby wipes
Jul 08, 2019 Pureen Baby Wipes in Pink Packaging prefer Orange packaging Pureen Baby wipes than pink one
Jul 08, 2019 Lifebuoy Total 10 Body Wash protect your body from germs
Jul 08, 2019 Pureen Baby Bath With Vitamin E Trusted product
Jul 08, 2019 Pureen Baby Yogurt Head To Toe Wash (Blackcurrant & Plum) nice fragrance
Jul 08, 2019 Pureen Baby Oil with Vitamin E Good for dry skin
Jul 08, 2019 Johnson’s Baby Milk + Rice Bath It moisturizes my baby skin
Jul 08, 2019 JOHNSON’S® baby top-to-toe™ wash Moisturising your baby skin
Jul 08, 2019 Johnson’s baby bath Nice fragrance
Jul 08, 2019 Colgate Plax Fresh Tea kick away your bad breath smell
Jul 08, 2019 Listerine Mouthwash Cool Mint Highly recommended for those who are having bad mouth problem.
Jul 08, 2019 Listerine Mouthwash Coolmint Reducing my bad breath problem
Jul 06, 2019 Innolac Probiotics Powder My kids' favourite supplement
Jul 06, 2019 Genki Diaper Pant Absorption is good and easy to wear
Jul 06, 2019 SERI-AJI® Yangchow Fried Rice Fast and easy to cook Yang Chow fried rice
Jul 06, 2019 SERI-AJI®Kampung Style Fried Rice Easy to cook kampung style fried rice with SERI-AJI®Kampung Style Fried Rice seasoning
Jul 06, 2019 Dynamo Power Gel Effective in removing stubborn stains on my clothes
Jul 06, 2019 Dettol 4 in 1 Fresh Citrus Fragrance Disinfectant Multi Action Cleaner can clean my floor thoroughly
Jul 06, 2019 Helang Cooking Oil My mummy loves to use it to cook
Jul 06, 2019 Jacob’s Weetameal Wheat Cracker Healthy biscuits for family
Jul 06, 2019 Neptune 5kg My favourite cooking oil
Jul 06, 2019 Jasmine Sunwhite AAA Special Fragrance Rice Best fragrance rice which my family loves it much!
Jul 06, 2019 Shokubutsu Orange Peel Sensation Shower Foam My favourite shower gel for years!
Jul 05, 2019 Dettol Profresh Cool Antibacterial Body Wash Feeling cool
Jul 05, 2019 Dettol Original Antibacterial Body Wash My dad's favourite
Jul 05, 2019 Dettol Original Shower Foam Effective in killing 99.9% germs
Jul 05, 2019 Pureen Baby Lotion and Vitamin E Nice fragrance and it is refreshing
Jul 05, 2019 Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream Expensive but effective in improving my son's dry skin problem
Jul 05, 2019 JOHNSON BABY MILK + RICE LOTION Smell nice and best lotion for adults and kids
Jul 05, 2019 Shieldtox Mosquito Spray Aerosol Kill Mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches in few minutes
Jul 05, 2019 Oradex Antibacterial Mouthwash Good in preventing gingivitis
Jul 05, 2019 Drypers Baby Wipes Must have item in my house
Jul 05, 2019 Pureen Liquid Cleanser Effective in removing milk fats and stains
Jul 05, 2019 Palmer’s Coconut Oil Repair Conditioner Repairing damaged hair
Jul 05, 2019 Palmer’s Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo Improved my dull hair condition
Jul 05, 2019 Nano White Fresh Mattifying Moisturizer suitable for oily skin.
Jul 05, 2019 EUBOS Haut Ruhe Lotion Good for eczema baby
Jul 05, 2019 EUBOS Haut Ruhe Bath Oil Good for kids who have dry sensitive skin
Jul 05, 2019 EZERRA PLUS CREAM good for kids who have sensitive skin
Jul 05, 2019 Senka Perfect Whip Senka Perfect Whip effectively remove impurities in the pores thoroughly
Jul 05, 2019 Senka Cleanser Perfect Whip I love this facial cleanser
Jul 05, 2019 COLGATE Maximum Cavity Protection (CDC) Good in preventing tooth decay
Jul 05, 2019 Eucerin pH5 Lotion Good for Dry sensitive skin
Jul 05, 2019 Vinda Deluxe Tissue Good quality tissue and good in oil absorption
Jul 04, 2019 Polident 5-Minute Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser Tablets Effectively clean my mum's dentures
Jul 04, 2019 La Cremeria Yummy icecream
Jul 04, 2019 Vitagen Cultured Milk Drink Yummy drinks
Jul 04, 2019 VITAGEN Thumbs up for Vitagen! my kids favourite drinks.
Jul 04, 2019 Fernleaf CalciYum Orange Cultured Milk Drink My kids love to drink it
Jul 04, 2019 Calpis Grape I love to drink it!
Jul 04, 2019 Naturel Margarine Healthy eating lifestyle with Naturel Margerine
Jul 04, 2019 Drinho Asian Drinks Refreshing drinks
Jul 04, 2019 Pepsi Regular not my favourite drinks
Jul 04, 2019 Pepsi Pepsi Regular Not my favourite
Jul 04, 2019 Cintan Noodles Easy to cook
Jul 04, 2019 Axion Lemon Effectively clean and remove oily utensils
Jul 04, 2019 Labour Dishwashing Liquid Economical dishwasher
Jul 04, 2019 Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce Easy to cook
Jul 04, 2019 Nestle Nestum Original My energy booster
Jul 04, 2019 Wyeth Enercal Plus Good for health
Jul 04, 2019 ENERCAL PLUS VANILLA My parents' milk supplement
Jul 04, 2019 Oreo Cookies Too sweet to me
Jul 04, 2019 Brand’s Essence of Chicken Good for health
Jul 04, 2019 Nestle MILO ACTIV-GO We love Milo!
Jul 04, 2019 Appeton Vitamin C 30mg Daily Supplement for my kids
Jul 04, 2019 Gardenia Original Classic my family favourite bread
Jul 04, 2019 Nutella Hazelnut Spread Yummy Nutella Spread
Jul 04, 2019 Pureen Kid Toothpaste (Flouride Free) My kids love to use it
Jul 04, 2019 DOVE Shower Beauty Moisture I feel fresh after using it
Jul 04, 2019 NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Lotion It is not greasy and it can be absorbed immediately into my skin.
Jul 04, 2019 NIVEA Instant White Firming Body Lotion SPF15 makes my skin soft and gentle
Jul 04, 2019 JOHNSONS BABY PEACH BATH Nice smell and refreshing
Jul 04, 2019 Kotex Slim Regular Flow New Improved packaging i sbetter than old packaging pads
Jul 04, 2019 Laurier Active Fit Pantyliners Deodorant Feel fresh all day long
Jul 04, 2019 Laurier Perfect Comfort Slim Long Wing 7s no leakage issue
Jul 03, 2019 Shokubutsu Sakura Whitening Feel fresh all day long
Jul 03, 2019 Shokubutsu Body Foam Brightening & Whitening nice blossom scent
Jul 03, 2019 Laurier Night Safe Good absorption
Jul 03, 2019 Laurier Soft Care Quick Lock Night Safe Wing Good absorption and no leakage issue
Jul 03, 2019 Pureen Baby Wipes (Fragrance Free) Best Baby Wipes
Jul 03, 2019 Libresse Slim CurveFit Odor Control With Green Tea Love it so much
Jul 03, 2019 Cap Limau Yu Yee Oil Best for bloated tummy
Jul 03, 2019 Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks Good in preventing stretch mark
Jul 03, 2019 Biolane Stretch Mark Oil Effective in preventing stretch mark during pregnancy
Jul 03, 2019 Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Keep my skin hydrated always
Jul 03, 2019 Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate Improved my skin condition
Jul 03, 2019 Nestle Mom & Me Good for mummy who is pregnant and breastfeeding
Jul 03, 2019 Medela Mini Electric Breastpump My wife's breastpump
Jul 03, 2019 Dutch Lady Purefarm UHT Milk My kids favourite drinks
Jul 03, 2019 PetPet Diapers Night Tape Suitable for night use as it is absorbent
Jul 03, 2019 Sustagen Junior 1+ Good for kids development
Jul 03, 2019 Pigeon Breast Pad Honeycomb Best absorption
Jul 03, 2019 New Enfagrow A+ Step 4 My daughter does not like its taste
Jul 03, 2019 Drypers Drypantz Suitable for day time use
Jul 03, 2019 Anmum Lacta Good for breastfeeding mummy
Jul 03, 2019 MamyPoko Air Fit Soft material and its absorption is good
Jul 03, 2019 Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh Conditioner Economy brand and nice scent
Jul 03, 2019 Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable shampoo Silky smooth hair
Jul 03, 2019 Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo Easy to manage my hair
Jul 03, 2019 PetPet Disposable Baby Diaper Thin materials
Jul 03, 2019 Huggies® Ultra Pants Easy to wear and it is absorbent
Jul 03, 2019 Anmum Materna Chocolate flavour taste better
Jul 03, 2019 Friso Gold Young Explorer Step 3 Provide essential nutrients to my son
Jul 03, 2019 Enfagrow A+ Step 3 (1-3 Years) Good for kids' development
Jul 03, 2019 Mam Easy Active Baby Feeding Bottle MAM Easy Active Baby Feeding Bottle-Anti-colic bottles
Jul 02, 2019 Abbott PediaSure® Improve my daughter's appetite
Jul 02, 2019 Avent Bottle Natural 260ML/9oz Recommended feeding bottles for babies/kids
Jul 02, 2019 Merries Super Premium Tape Good absorbent diapers
Jul 02, 2019 Drypers Wee Wee Dry Disposable Diaper Economy and affordable diapers
Jul 02, 2019 Anmum Infacare Step 1 (0-12month) my baby's favourite
Jul 02, 2019 Sudocream Nappy Rash Cream Say bye-bye to nappy rash!
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