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Date Product/Service Review Rating
Mar 05, 2020 La Gourmet Sakura Plus 0.75L Thermal Cooker Pot Fuss-Free and Practical On-the-Go!
Feb 19, 2020 Daikin Air Cond 1.5Hp Ecoking P Series Gas R410 Cooling but not so Eco-Saving Energy
Feb 19, 2020 Vinda Deluxe Tissue Sturdy and Absorbs Well
Feb 19, 2020 Scotch Brite Latex Mop Set (R2) Traditionally Cleans Well
Feb 19, 2020 Magiclean Wiper Wet Sheets 8s Removes Everything!
Feb 19, 2020 Magiclean Wiper Handy Duster Extendable Trusted to Hard to Reach Places
Feb 19, 2020 ORIGINS Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Advanced Face Serum Holy Grail for my Beauty Needs
Feb 19, 2020 Kotex Total Protection Maxi Absorbs Effectively
Feb 19, 2020 NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Sakura Deodorant Fresh and Lightweight
Feb 19, 2020 MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask Unscented Soothing to the Eyes
Feb 19, 2020 Magiclean Stain & Mold Trigger Rids Mold Effectively
Feb 19, 2020 McCormick Sea Salt Grinder Does not contain iodine
Feb 19, 2020 McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder Peppery goodness
Feb 19, 2020 Magiclean Wiper Mop My Go-To Cleaning Tool
Feb 19, 2020 Alce Nero Organic Spaghetti Al Dente to Perfection
Oct 06, 2017 Club Med Cherating The must-have holiday trip!
Sep 03, 2017 Guardian BuzzAway Adjustable Bracelet Convenient, adjustable and looks (fairly) fashionable too!
Aug 03, 2017 Poise Organic Wellness Studio An oasis within the hustle and bustle of KL city
Jul 23, 2017 Minute Maid® Soft Frozen Lemonade – Lemon Too sweet and artificial
Jul 23, 2017 Kawan Puff Pastry (Block) Multi-purpose and well-rounded pastry
Jul 23, 2017 Kawan Stuffed Paratha (Dhall) Frozen and does not taste authentic
Jul 23, 2017 EB Fish Chip A relatively new brand in the market that tastes really nice
Jul 23, 2017 Masterfoods Chilli Flakes Tastes like any other chilli flakes you can get anywhere else
Jun 26, 2017 Radiant Whole Foods Organic Agave Nectar Sweet like honey
Jun 26, 2017 Bragg Liquid Aminos All Purpose Seasoning Substitute to conventional seasoning
Jun 26, 2017 Habhal’s Soya Bean Sauce Salty Lifesaver for any dishes that require a little helo in the seasoning department
Jun 26, 2017 Habhal’s Cap Kipas Udang Sweet Soya Bean Sauce Soy sauce that compliments well with savoury dishes
Jun 26, 2017 Good Maid Lime Peppermint Dishwash Peppermint scented dishwashing liquid
Jun 26, 2017 Good Maid Dishwash Liquid Orange Artificial scent of orange
Jun 26, 2017 Dove go fresh Body Wash Fresh Touch Pleasant scent of cucumber and mint
Jun 26, 2017 Dove Volume Nourishment Shampoo Smells excellent while helps volumize hair
Jun 26, 2017 ANCHOR Processed Cheddar Slice Does not melt easily
Jun 26, 2017 Lurpak Slightly Salted Spreadable Butter Exceptionally good
Jun 26, 2017 Adabi Anchovy Fried Rice Powder Easy solution to ikan bilis fried rice
Jun 26, 2017 Eversoft COIX SEED & HYALURONIC ACID Silky smooth cleansed skin
Jun 26, 2017 Eversoft CAMELLIA FLOWER & MULBERRY Smells good, cleanses well
Jun 26, 2017 Eversoft GINGKO & YUZU My skin loves the cream texture
Jun 26, 2017 King’s Potong Durian A dessert that may not be for everyone
Jun 26, 2017 Lee Kum Kee Chicken Marinade Sauce Delicious as a dip and as well as marinade
Jun 26, 2017 Lee Kum Kee Seasoned Soy Sauce for Seafood Marinating meats and poultry made easy
Jun 26, 2017 Munchy’s Cream Cracker Crackers that make dipping into your cup easier
Jun 26, 2017 Jasmine Super 5 Special Import White Rice Fragrant quality white rice
Jun 26, 2017 Top Lite For Fine And Delicate Fabric Wash Softens delicate clothes
Jun 26, 2017 Seri Murni Pure Vegetable Oil All-rounded cooking oil fit for household or industrial use
Jun 26, 2017 Radiant Organic Cooking Coconut oil A cooking oil with a high smoke point
Jun 26, 2017 Jack n’ Jill Nips Peanut and Raisins A splendid mix of raisins and peanuts in one fun-sized bag
Jun 26, 2017 Jack n’ Jill Nips Peanut Crunchy coated peanuts with a hard chocolate coating
Jun 26, 2017 Ritter – Sport Hazelnuts Wonderful whole hazelnuts coated in quality chocolate
Jun 26, 2017 Andes Mint Parfait Thins 28 Pieces Love eating this so much, I wish I could have this everyday
Jun 26, 2017 Belgian Dark With Ginger Chocolate Good attempt at merging flavors, but a bit too acquired for me
Jun 26, 2017 Belgian Dark Chocolate With Superfruit Chocolate Unique combination that may win the tastebuds of the adventureous
Jun 26, 2017 Munchy’s Marie Tea time cookies made easy
Jun 26, 2017 Yogood Peanut Butter Great for spreading on bread and crackers
Jun 26, 2017 Dutch Lady Purefarm UHT Milk Suitable for cooking, baking and even just on its own
Jun 26, 2017 Pristine Oats Oats for health
Jun 26, 2017 Nescafe Latte Genius combination from Nescafe
Jun 26, 2017 Twinings Jasmine Green Tea Tea for the senses
Jun 26, 2017 Nestle Multi Grain Cheerios Not too sweet and soaks so well with plain milk
Jun 26, 2017 Chill Chrysanthemum Tea Overwhelmingly sweet
Jun 26, 2017 Pristine Prebiotic Muesli Tastes just like ordinary muesli/granola
Jun 26, 2017 Biore Facial Foam Pure Mild A cleanser that makes you feel squeaky clean
Jun 25, 2017 Shokubutsu Sakura Whitening Smells amazingly floral
Jun 25, 2017 Munchy’s Choco Coated Cream Deliciously coated with chocolate
Jun 25, 2017 MAGGI® Oyster Sauce Thick with flavour
Jun 25, 2017 F&N SEASONS Nutrisoy Light and delicious
Jun 25, 2017 Lipton Ice Peach Tea Among the favourite drinks in my household
Jun 25, 2017 Mamee Mister Potato Chips A quick snack fix
Jun 25, 2017 Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Daily Face Cleanser Amazing results!
Jun 25, 2017 SkinLabs Concentrated Vitamin E Cream Not sticky at all!
Jun 25, 2017 glo Coconut Cream Smells heavenly and cleanses well
Jun 25, 2017 Pringles® Potato Crisps Sour Cream & Onion Well known combination
Jun 25, 2017 GLUCOLIN Glucose Supplies my daily energy needs
Jun 25, 2017 Jack n’ Jill Salsa Bountiful Bag of Scrumptious Chips
Jun 25, 2017 Juice Works Great and light tasting smoothie from Juice Works
Jun 24, 2017 Pringles Tortilla Spicy Green Pepper Salty corn chips
Jun 24, 2017 HEINZ APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Strong vinegar smell, but good for health and skin
Jun 24, 2017 Anchor Salted Butter Pat Superb for baking
Jun 24, 2017 Adabi Canned Sardines In Tomato Sauce Yucky and slimy
Jun 24, 2017 Anchor Unsalted Butter Pat Superb for baking
Jun 24, 2017 Ayam Brand Tuna Tomato Chilli Surprisingly good
Jun 24, 2017 Prego Mushroom & Green Pepper Pasta Sauce Tangy combination
Jun 24, 2017 AYAMAS Crispy Fried Chicken Tom Yam Taste of Tom Yam is vague
Jun 24, 2017 F&N FRUIT TREE Oren Sweet and refreshing
Jun 24, 2017 Ramly Chicken Burger Classic Oblong Everybody’s mamak favourite
Jun 24, 2017 Farmsbest Crispy Nuggets – 850g Coating is too thin for my liking
Jun 24, 2017 Ayam Brand Chilli Tuna Hot, hot, hot!
Jun 24, 2017 Revive Isotonic Apple Zest Artificial carbonated apple taste
Jun 24, 2017 Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea Best to store lots of them!
Jun 24, 2017 MARIGOLD UHT Fruit Drink Simple beverage
Jun 24, 2017 Ayam Brand Baked Beans Yummy, though beans tend to burn easily
Jun 24, 2017 Ayam Brand Pineapple Cubes in Syrup Super sweet
Jun 24, 2017 Yeo’s Baked Beans Good for quick morning meals
Jun 24, 2017 Kimball Basil & Garlic Spaghetti Pasta Sauce More or less the same as the original
Jun 24, 2017 MAGGI® Chilli Sauce- Thai The best dip for fried chicken!
Jun 24, 2017 Cintan Noodles Favourite instant noodles
Jun 24, 2017 Antabax Hand Sanitizer Perfect for disinfecting on-the-go
Jun 24, 2017 Koka Curry Flavour Instant Noodles Robust array of flavours to satiate curry cravings
Jun 24, 2017 Amway Glister Toothpaste Whitens teeth while freshens breath
Jun 24, 2017 Naturel Olive Oil Adds a new layer of deliciousness to your meals
Jun 24, 2017 Campbell’s Tomato Condensed Soup Weird and gloopy
Jun 24, 2017 Yogood Smoothie Candy Fruity flavors
Jun 24, 2017 Tic Tac Orange Legendary
Jun 24, 2017 Saji Sweet Soya Sauce Offers a different taste
Jun 24, 2017 Myojo Chicken Abalone Flavoured Instant Noodles Good try
Jun 24, 2017 Heinz Baked Beanz In BBQ Sauce 420g Splendid for an English breakfast spread
Jun 24, 2017 Drinho Asian Drinks Chrysanthemum for the win
Jun 24, 2017 Yeo’s Justea Green Tea + Aloe Vera + White Grape Delightful with fun aloe vera bits to chew
Jun 24, 2017 Indocafe Coffemix 3 in 1 Not impressed with this coffee
Jun 24, 2017 Mirinda Orange The colour of childhood
Jun 24, 2017 Revive Isotonic Lime Burst Too acidic for my liking
Jun 24, 2017 Twinings Pure Camomile Tea for royalty
Jun 24, 2017 Drinho Soya Milk First time seeing and trying corn flavoured soy milk
Jun 24, 2017 Twinings Finest Ceylon Tea that delights the senses
Jun 24, 2017 Twinings Pure Peppermint Fine peppermint tea that aids in digestion
Jun 24, 2017 Hung Fook Tong Brewing American Ginseng Drink Light-tasting and reduces excess heat from body
Jun 23, 2017 Hung Fook Tong Lemon Juice with Honey Drink Sour and not original
Jun 23, 2017 MARIGOLD UHT 100% Juice Apple is the best of them all!
Jun 23, 2017 Oishi Green Tea Lcyhee Flavour Lots of lychee syrup taste
Jun 23, 2017 Mountain Dew Blue Shock Artificial and gross
Jun 23, 2017 Hung Fook Tong Black Bean Drink Not too special for the price they offer
Jun 23, 2017 Hung Fook Tong Soybean Drink Sweet soybean drink
Jun 23, 2017 Hung Fook Tong Common Selfheal Fruit Spike Drink Traditional remedy to combat heatiness
Jun 23, 2017 Mountain Dew Original Very artificial
Jun 23, 2017 Lipton Ice Green Tea Lemon Lemony but not too overpowering
Jun 23, 2017 WONDA Kopi Tarik Not too impressed with quality
Jun 23, 2017 WONDA Original Tastes diluted
Jun 23, 2017 Fernleaf Full Cream Milk Powder Robust milk taste for all ages
Jun 23, 2017 Delite Juice Drink Too sweet for my liking
Jun 23, 2017 Haagen-Dazs Cookies & Vanilla Cream Ice Cream Indulgent
Jun 23, 2017 Ramly Tempura Chicken Nuggets Chicken nuggets that fill you up
Jun 23, 2017 King’s Grand Tiramisu Superb quality with taste to savour
Jun 23, 2017 Biogreen 84 Live Sea Salt (Coarse) Flavourful
Jun 23, 2017 Mainland Colby Block Great for grilled cheese
Jun 23, 2017 SERI-AJI® Tom Yam Seasoning Too salty and pungent for my liking
Jun 23, 2017 Biogreen New Zealand Organic Ocean Balance Sea Salt Sea salt with flavour!
Jun 22, 2017 Prego Alfredo Mushroom Love the taste of umami and mushroom mixed together
Jun 22, 2017 MAGGI® Royale™ Korean Spicy Braised Beef More value
Jun 22, 2017 Nongshim Kimchi Ramyun Flavour Cup Noodles Appetizing but underwhelming
Jun 22, 2017 Cloud9 Cloud 9 Chocolate Chews Chocolatey and slightly nutty
Jun 22, 2017 Kopiko L.A. Coffee Low Acid Low acid, low problems
Jun 22, 2017 Ramly Minced Chicken Not too ideal if you want a quick fix to your meals
Jun 22, 2017 King’s Raspberry Ripple Just the right amount of sweetness
Jun 22, 2017 Gardenia 100% Whole Grain Moist and delicious
Jun 22, 2017 Mamee Double Decker Light and thin crisps of deliciousness
Jun 22, 2017 Mentos Mints Cool and freshens breath
Jun 22, 2017 Ayam Brand Mushrooms Plump mushrooms with low sodium
Jun 22, 2017 Haagen-Dazs Strawberry & Cream Ice Cream Much too mild, though still good
Jun 22, 2017 Maggi OatMee Healthy and hearty
Jun 22, 2017 UHU Stic Glue Stick Solvent Free Used this once, never turned back since
Jun 22, 2017 EB Fish Sandwich Great for steamboats and hotpots
Jun 22, 2017 AYAMAS Popcorn Bites – Original Too much batter over chicken
Jun 22, 2017 TEAPOT Sweetened Creamer Ideal for my hot chocolate!
Jun 22, 2017 MAGGI® HOT CUP Asam laksa Celebrating the taste of Asam Laksa
Jun 22, 2017 Boh Cameron Highlands Tea An age-old tea brand that never gets old even with time
Jun 22, 2017 Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13″ i5 128GB Requires no introduction
Jun 22, 2017 SCHWARZKOPF Professional Osis+ Freeze Hairspray Hairspray that holds its shape for the entire day
Jun 22, 2017 Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 70ml (2016 New Packing) Wake up to silky smooth and hydrated skin the next morning
Jun 22, 2017 Laurier Super Slim Guard So thin, its rarely even visible or felt when worn
Jun 22, 2017 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Works well and rarely crashes
Jun 22, 2017 Revive Isotonic Original Replenishes lost body fluids and regains your body's momentum again
Jun 22, 2017 SUNPLAY SPF130 PA+++ Super Block Clear Finish Lotion Non-sticky sunblock that protects as it soothes
Jun 22, 2017 JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder Smooth and delicately scented
Jun 22, 2017 Dentiste Plus White Nightime Toothpaste Herbal toothpaste that has health properties for teeth and gums
Jun 22, 2017 Jointwell OATerenergy PLUS Suitable for all ages
Jun 22, 2017 L’Oreal Paris Elseve Total Repair 5 Shampoo Alright for quality of shampoo, but not very effective
Jun 22, 2017 BETADINE® Daily Feminine Wash Foam A little goes a long way!
Jun 22, 2017 NUTRILITE™ All Plant Protein Powder Powerful drink to energize your day
Jun 22, 2017 Ridsect Cockroach Waterbased No messy residue left on furnitures and clothes
Jun 22, 2017 Lady’s Choice Peanut Butter Luxuriously delicious
Jun 22, 2017 The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rice Bran All In One Cleanser Goodness of rice!
Jun 22, 2017 Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Protecting Daily Feminine Wash Hygienic cleansing
Jun 21, 2017 Antabax Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes Hygienic and smells great!
Jun 19, 2017 Yogood Granola Bars The combination is pretty interesting
Jun 19, 2017 Yogood Muesli Bars Great for on-the-go snacking
Jun 19, 2017 Yogood Glow Cereal Bars Has the right amount of crunch, but a product that's still very sweet
Jun 19, 2017 Kawan Naan Satisfy your hunger for naan in an instant
Jun 19, 2017 Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream Great coffee taste and scent
Jun 19, 2017 Julie’s Love Letter Chocolate Cream Crispy mouthfeel
Jun 19, 2017 Brahim’s Tandoori Paste A quick option for making your own tandoori at home
Jun 19, 2017 Brahim’s Briyani Rice Paste Good, but not the best
Jun 19, 2017 Brahim’s Satay Sauce Great for marinating meats and not just for satay
Jun 19, 2017 Kit Kat Green Tea Bites Too little in one packet!
Jun 19, 2017 Tropicana Frutz Sparkling Orange Blend Carbonated orange juice
Jun 19, 2017 Nescafe Smoovlate Affordable indulgence for all
Jun 19, 2017 Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar Great for making drinks and cosmetics to reap health benefits
Jun 19, 2017 TSUBAKI volume touch treatment Feels rather synthetic
Jun 19, 2017 NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Lotion Does not feel sticky on the skin!
Jun 19, 2017 The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleanser Works well to wipe off grease, but doesn't work long term
Jun 19, 2017 Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Revitalize Moisturises delicately well
Jun 19, 2017 Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo Breaks Over Smells lovely, however, makes my hair oily
Jun 19, 2017 Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo Love the scent and texture it brings to my hair!
Jun 19, 2017 Botaneco Garden Body Wash Invigorates your senses
Jun 19, 2017 Sudocrem Amazing product that works well with curing skin ailments
Jun 18, 2017 DOVE Shower Beauty Moisture Great product with lasting moisture and scent
Jun 18, 2017 MAGGI® Royale™ Cup Korean Spicy Braised Beef Too little Korean flavours
Jun 18, 2017 MAGGI® Royale™ Thai White Seafood Tomyam Decadent and full of flavour
Jun 18, 2017 Koka Laksa Singapura Flavour Instant Noodles Fills you up
Jun 18, 2017 Koka Mushroom Flavour Instant Noodles Strong mushroom broth
Jun 18, 2017 Koka Chicken Original Flavour Instant Noodles A quick fix meal for times of emergencies
Jun 18, 2017 Pepsi Twist Excellent choice for hot days
Jun 18, 2017 MAGGI® Letup® Cup Kari Goreng Berasap Truly 'meletupkan'
Jun 18, 2017 Maggi Tom Yam Stock Cubes 20g Much smaller than the regular packed ones
Jun 18, 2017 Prego Cheese & Herbs Pasta Sauce Definitely not my favourite
Jun 18, 2017 Prego Carbonara Mushroom Pasta Sauce Not too great, but not terrible either
Jun 18, 2017 Prego Tomato, Basil & Garlic Pasta Sauce Superb quality of taste
Jun 18, 2017 F&N SEASONS NutriWell My favourite drink!
Jun 18, 2017 F&N FRUIT TREE Blackcurrant is the best!
Jun 18, 2017 Metallic Spiral Ball (1pc) Great for scouring expired grease and burnt spots on pots and pans
Jun 18, 2017 Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge Been using this brand of sponge for as long as I can remember
Jun 18, 2017 HIMALAYA Complete Care Gum Expert Toothpaste Healthy option for those who are health conscious
Jun 18, 2017 Nano White Intensive Brightening Mask Lightweight and non-sticky
Jun 18, 2017 MAGGI® Liquid Seasoning Goes well with meat and eggs
Jun 18, 2017 Munchy’s Cracker Sandwich Tasty yet light and filling crackers
Jun 18, 2017 EVA Honey More sugar than authentic honey
Jun 18, 2017 Ideal® Evaporated Full Cream Milk Not too creamy, not too heavy
Jun 18, 2017 F&N FUN FLAVOURS A must-have during parties
Jun 18, 2017 Carnation Evaporated Creamer Lovely with Thai iced tea
Jun 18, 2017 Cap Junjung Sweetened Creamer Mom’s favourite
Jun 18, 2017 Lipton Ice Green Tea Pear & Peach Artificial taste of peach
Jun 18, 2017 TEAPOT Pilihan Sweetened Creamer Great companion for Milo
Jun 18, 2017 Bleu Mineral Water. Affordability and quality assured
Jun 18, 2017 Kickapoo Original Brings back childhood memories
Jun 18, 2017 Oishi Green Tea Original Flavour Thirst quencher
Jun 17, 2017 WONDA Extra Presso A thicker variant of the original version
Jun 17, 2017 WONDA Latte Not my kind of drink
Jun 17, 2017 WONDA Mocha Too sweet and less of the coffee taste that I want
Jun 17, 2017 Gold Coin Teh Tarik Sweetened Creamer Creamy and great for beverages
Jun 17, 2017 Farmhouse Fresh Milk Fresh and appetizing
Jun 17, 2017 F&N SEASONS TEA Ice-lemon tea is my favourite
Jun 17, 2017 Goodday UHT Milk Love the low fat variant one!
Jun 17, 2017 Nestle Coffee-mate Creamy companion to your morning cuppa
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Premium Chicken Frankfurter – Italian Flavourful impact
Jun 17, 2017 Ramly Beef Frankfurter Tastes alright
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Crispy Nuggets Nuggets of deliciousness
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Crispy Fried Chicken Tastes just like homemade
Jun 17, 2017 EB Fish And Yuba 300g Not too fishy and superb quality
Jun 17, 2017 EB Fish Bean curd roll 300g Surprisingly good
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Chicken Meatloaf Not too salty and perfect combination to savour in salads and sandwiches
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Chicken Sausage Yummy and so satisfying
Jun 17, 2017 Knife Thai Fish Sauce Very tasty
Jun 17, 2017 Radiant Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Staple in the kitchen pantry
Jun 17, 2017 Mainland Edam Block Slightly salty
Jun 17, 2017 Radiant Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Healthier option than conventional oils
Jun 17, 2017 ANCHOR UHT Culinary Cream Love this!
Jun 17, 2017 Daisy Blend Cooking Oil A blend of natural and healthy oils to suit the whole family
Jun 17, 2017 ANCHOR Extra Whip UHT Whipping Cream Not too thick and just the right consistency
Jun 17, 2017 ANCHOR UHT Whipping Cream Perfect for desserts and for thickening dishes
Jun 17, 2017 Dr. Oetker Nona Self-Rasing Flour Great for baking and for general use in the kitchen
Jun 17, 2017 Goodday Pasteurized Milk Freshest you can get!
Jun 17, 2017 Bausch + Lomb ReNu Fresh Color MultiPurpose Solution Great product that disinfects as it does impurify
Jun 17, 2017 Laurier Superguard Does not cause leakages
Jun 17, 2017 L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Gold Not too oily even for an oily scalp type
Jun 17, 2017 Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Gold Water My skin loves it
Jun 17, 2017 Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA+++ Light and prevents shine from appearing throughout the day
Jun 17, 2017 Tropicana Twister Lychee A nice refreshment
Jun 17, 2017 Delicate Scrub Sponge This sponge is fantastic at doing its job
Jun 17, 2017 Munchy’s Oat Krunch So much flavour and texture that you can never stop eating
Jun 17, 2017 Apple iPhone 6s Great and handy
Jun 17, 2017 Paddle Pop Tornado Not the best I tried
Jun 17, 2017 Paddle Pop Twister Not impressed
Jun 17, 2017 Rosken Skin Repair Cream – Dry Skin Fades dry skin away in just one application
Jun 17, 2017 LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Say goodbye to dry chapped lips!
Jun 17, 2017 Prego Traditional Pasta Sauce Great tasting tomato base sauce for multi-purpose use
Jun 17, 2017 Prego Mushroom Pasta Sauce Tastes slightly acidic, however, matches well with dishes
Jun 17, 2017 GUERISSON 9 Complex Cream Super hydrating
Jun 17, 2017 VITAGEN Excellent choice for a scrumptious yet delightful drink for the whole family
Jun 17, 2017 King’s Grand Tin Roof Brownie Tastes unique
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Premium Chicken Frankfurter – Garlic Love it, but it may not be for everyone
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Premium Chicken Frankfurter – Mushroom Apparent mushroom taste
Jun 17, 2017 Dutch Lady 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink Good for gut health
Jun 17, 2017 Dutch Lady Low Fat Yoghurt So delightfully healthy and delicious
Jun 17, 2017 Meadow Gold Bold Chocolate Decadence Tasty for a sweet dessert treat
Jun 17, 2017 Meadow Gold Delectable Caramel Pecan Amazing
Jun 17, 2017 Meadow Gold Heavenly Macadamia Macadamia flavoured ice-cream
Jun 17, 2017 King’s Grand Green Tea Artificial and too little green tea flavour
Jun 17, 2017 La Cremeria Nutty, crunchy and creamy
Jun 17, 2017 KG Spring Roll Pastry Great tasting popiah/spring roll pastry with oomph!
Jun 17, 2017 Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream Purely chocolate
Jun 17, 2017 Haagen-Dazs Stickbar Green Tea & Almond Wished there was more green tea flavour to it
Jun 17, 2017 Wall’s Strawberry Cheesecake Creamy and decadent
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Quik Burger Great tasting product for a convenient time in the kitchen
Jun 17, 2017 Pepsi Pepsi Regular Childhood reminisce
Jun 17, 2017 Sunkist Not From Concentrate Premium 100% Juice Resembles closest to freshly-squeezed orange juice
Jun 17, 2017 Dimes Premium 100% Pomegranate Juice Still too sweet
Jun 17, 2017 Jack n’ Jill C2 Apple The ultimate thirst-quencher!
Jun 17, 2017 Jack n’ Jill C2 Lemon Uber delicious
Jun 17, 2017 Magnolia Fresh Milk Alright, but not the best
Jun 17, 2017 Dimes Premium 100% Grape Mango Juice Sugar hits your tongue immediately
Jun 17, 2017 Tropicana Twister Blackcurrant Tastes like combined grape juice and Ribena
Jun 17, 2017 Tropicana 100% Coconut Water Terrible!
Jun 17, 2017 Tropicana Twister Apple Sweet taste of apple
Jun 17, 2017 Magnolia Pasteurised Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk. Best served chilled
Jun 17, 2017 Homesoy Original Plain but tastes great
Jun 17, 2017 Homesoy Brown Sugar Delicious and absolutely wholesome
Jun 17, 2017 Dimes 100% Apple Juice Too pricey and too sweet
Jun 17, 2017 Marigold Peel Fresh Apple & Aloe vera So good!
Jun 17, 2017 F&N FRUIT TREE Apple Superb apple taste that cleanses the palette
Jun 17, 2017 Tropicana Twister Fruit Pulp (Orange) Sweet, but very refreshing
Jun 17, 2017 NESTLÉ BLISS® Yogurt Drink Combination was not right
Jun 17, 2017 Marigold Peel Fresh Orange Light and sweet-tasting
Jun 17, 2017 Calpis Mango Better than the original
Jun 17, 2017 Calpis Original Texture is thicker
Jun 17, 2017 Marigold HL Low Fat Milk Does not have a vanilla taste
Jun 17, 2017 Coca-Cola Carbonated Drink Fan favourite of the world
Jun 17, 2017 Spritzer Natural Mineral Water Gift from mother nature
Jun 17, 2017 Yeo’s Soy Pure soybean goodness
Jun 17, 2017 FUSIPIM Seafood Wonton Crispy and fillings are packed
Jun 17, 2017 Kawan Paratha Makes a nice hot snack
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Chicken Frankfurter Firm and delicious
Jun 17, 2017 Ramly Beef Nuggets Chewy mouthfeel
Jun 17, 2017 Ramly Chicken Burger Too thin for a burger patty
Jun 17, 2017 Ramly Minced Beef Easy convenience
Jun 17, 2017 WALL’S Hershey’s A product and brand that does not disappoint
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Red Hot Crispy Fried Chicken Crispy deliciousness
Jun 17, 2017 KG Mantou Pandan Affordable, convenient and tasty
Jun 17, 2017 Wall’s Oreo Chocolate Great tasting Oreo and ice-cream
Jun 17, 2017 KG Mantou Chocolate The chocolate filling tasted weird
Jun 17, 2017 KG Mantou Plain Superb texture with a whole lot of bite
Jun 17, 2017 KG Bun (Red Bean) Sweetness can be minimized
Jun 17, 2017 KG Bun (Kaya) Kaya tastes alright, but the bun texture can be improved
Jun 17, 2017 KG Rice Ball (Black Sesame) Not a good purchase
Jun 17, 2017 KG Mini Rice Ball (Peanut) Really not what I expected
Jun 17, 2017 KG Mini Rice Ball (Red Bean) Not up to expectations
Jun 17, 2017 KG Rice Ball (Red Bean) Not a good choice
Jun 17, 2017 KG Rice Ball (Peanut) Not for people who dislike cold, hard glutinous rice balls
Jun 17, 2017 KG Bun (Vegetable) Not a favourite, though product can be improved
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Premium Chicken Frankfurter – Cheese Oooey, gooey goodness
Jun 17, 2017 Kawan Roti Chanai No flavour
Jun 17, 2017 Kawan Wellness Paratha (Whole Wheat) Not to nice considering its been frozen
Jun 17, 2017 Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Ice Cream Better off with buying regular chocolate ice-cream
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Crispy Tempura Nuggets Tempura nuggets that have a crunchy mouthfeel
Jun 17, 2017 Haagen-Dazs Vanilla & Cream Ice Cream Decadent and not too overpowering
Jun 17, 2017 Ramly Chicken Nuggets Crispiness that lasts
Jun 17, 2017 Kawan Puff Pastry (Square) Great for making pies and pastries
Jun 17, 2017 AYAMAS Premium Chicken Frankfurter – Black Pepper Simply the best
Jun 17, 2017 Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruity and nutty taste
Jun 17, 2017 Basso Grapeseed Oil One of the healthier variants of oils out there
Jun 17, 2017 KG Flower Roll Eye-catching, but tends to be on the dry side
Jun 17, 2017 Family Choice Corn Oil Light and crisp
Jun 17, 2017 Smart Balance Cooking Oil Blend Combining a healthier blend
Jun 17, 2017 Vecorn Corn Cooking Oil Terrific, especially for baking goods
Jun 17, 2017 Ayam Brand Coconut Trim Milk Not too rich which is easily liked by family
Jun 17, 2017 Carotino Cooking Oil A little goes a long way
Jun 06, 2017 Pal Sweet® Sweetener Prefer stevia instead
Jun 06, 2017 Knorr Pasti Sedap Easy and delicious seasoning
Jun 06, 2017 AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Black Pepper Yummy with nearly everything!
Jun 06, 2017 AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Pepper Great to store on hand for the pantry
Jun 06, 2017 AJI-NO-MOTO®Umami Seasoning Great for adding an addition of flavours to any savoury dish
May 19, 2017 Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo Great for frizzy hair
May 19, 2017 OXY Deep Cleansing Wash Great to combat and control oily skin
May 19, 2017 Darlie Double Action Toothpaste Toothpaste for life
May 19, 2017 Dove Go Fresh Shower Gel Energize Freshest indeed
May 19, 2017 COLGATE Sugar Acid Neutrlizer Really like it!
May 19, 2017 Carrie Junior Baby Bath Smells refreshingly sweet
May 19, 2017 Ayam Brand DELI SPREAD™ SALMON Not fresh
May 19, 2017 Biogreen 5 Grain Nutrient Bars 5 grains of awesomeness
May 19, 2017 Top Anti-Malodour Liquid Detergent Anti-Bacteria The killer smell
May 19, 2017 Bio Zip Detergent Powder Flora 800g Washes well but not completely
May 19, 2017 King’s Potong Teh Tarik I am Ter-Tarik!
May 19, 2017 Wall’s Paddle Pop Rainbow Rainbow colors
May 19, 2017 Haagen-Dazs Stickbar Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream Doesn’t work out
May 19, 2017 Haagen-Dazs Secret Sensations Chocolate Fondant Newcomer makes it’s mark!
May 19, 2017 Wall’s Choco Almond Fudge A mouthful
May 19, 2017 Wall’s Top Ten Chocolate Firm and flavorful
May 19, 2017 Nestle Greek Style Yogurt The better, alternative option to natural yogurt
May 19, 2017 MARIGOLD Yogurt Too much sweetness is a bad thing
May 19, 2017 Biogreen O’Soy Cracker Cracker-licious
May 19, 2017 Gardenia Original Classic Going classic pays off
May 19, 2017 The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask Smells beautiful and so girly
May 19, 2017 The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask Smells beautiful and so girly
May 19, 2017 Vanish Liquid Extra Hygiene Fabric Stain Remover Does not work for me
May 19, 2017 Biogreen O’Kid Oatmilk Good childhood drink to help develop better immune system
May 19, 2017 Biogreen O’Kid High Protein Organic Soya Milk Great alternative to Milo
May 19, 2017 SERI-AJI®Kampung Style Fried Rice I love Kampung Fried Rice!
May 19, 2017 SERI-AJI® Anchovy Flavour Fried Rice Concentrated anchovy flavour with kick
May 19, 2017 SERI-AJI® Masak Merah Seasoning Super delicious!
May 19, 2017 SERI-AJI®Chicken Flavour Fried Rice Nice to improve chicken stock taste
May 19, 2017 SERI-AJI® Yangchow Fried Rice Yummy and very suitable taste for all ages
May 19, 2017 SERI-AJI® Multipurpose Seasoning Versatile
May 19, 2017 Ayam Brand DELI SPREAD™ TUNA Too much mayonnaise which makes it hard to swallow
May 19, 2017 Cif Multipurpose Surface Cleaning Cream (Original) Aids in accomplishing household dirt and grime in the quickest time
May 19, 2017 Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Absorbs well and seeps into skin like a dream
May 19, 2017 Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam Helps reduce symptoms of problematic skin
May 19, 2017 Wall’s Oreo Creamy and oh so yummy!
May 19, 2017 Eversoft Deep Nourishing Facial Cleanser With Organic Avocado Makes your skin soft and squeaky clean!
May 19, 2017 Rexona Women Deodorant Stick Shower Cleans Smells really pleasant and works well during active times
May 19, 2017 Sensodyne Mouthwash Cool Mint Refreshing with a hint of mint that does not sting
May 19, 2017 SENSODYNE FRESH MINT Removes dirt and whitens teeth effectively
May 19, 2017 Hiruscar Post Acne Worth the price
May 19, 2017 NESTLÉ Natural Set Yogurt Light and creamy
May 19, 2017 Dutch Lady PureFarm Coconut Delight The Best Refresher
May 19, 2017 Biogreen O’Tigres Quick Oatmilk Quick and nutritious
May 19, 2017 Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Best for sensitive skin
May 19, 2017 Cetaphil Baby Ultra Sensitive Baby Wipes Soothing and ultra-moisturising for both baby and adult
May 19, 2017 MAGGI® Tom Yam Stock Cube Not suitable for cooking on its own
May 19, 2017 The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish Too much colouring and scent
May 19, 2017 King’s Potong Mao Shan Wang Makes complete sense, but tastes incomplete
May 19, 2017 King’s Potong Coconut So decadent and authentic
May 19, 2017 Nanowhite Double Action Whitening Gel Cream Lightweight and non-sticky
May 19, 2017 Marigold Peel Fresh Carrot Sweet and refreshing
May 19, 2017 Sunkist Juice Artificial and sweet
May 19, 2017 MAGGI® Letup® Cup Kari Cili Api Really spicy!
May 19, 2017 Delica Mocha Peppermint Not my favourite
May 19, 2017 TC Boy Sardines in Tomato Sauce A little too sweet for my liking
May 19, 2017 Ayam Brand Whole Kernel Corn Amazing quality with price to compare
May 19, 2017 Ayam Brand Processed Peas Just the right saltiness and texture
May 19, 2017 Ayam Brand Baked Beans Cheese Light and not too cloying on the palette
May 19, 2017 Ayam Brand Baked Beans Light A standard staple in many households, including mine
May 19, 2017 Ayam Brand Mackerel in Tomato Sauce Not too fond of this
May 19, 2017 Ayam Brand Sweet Corn Cream Style Sweet, but a little too savoury for my liking
May 11, 2017 Oliferin Antholive Not too sweet and so convenient!
Apr 28, 2017 Vitamode Ashwagandha 300mg Capsule Boosts immune system to fight against stress, pollution and other health hazards
Apr 12, 2017 Nutriva Tiger Boost Able to improve health and respiratory problems in the long run
Mar 24, 2017 Diapex Soft Baby Wipes So lovely to have on handy around the house!
Mar 12, 2017 ABBOTT CG210 HAIR & SCALP ESSENCE (WOMEN) Good results
Feb 27, 2017 Dynamo Color Care Power Gel Provides easy and careful cleaning
Feb 27, 2017 Dynamo Freshness Of Downy Passion Power Gel Powerful cleaning
Feb 27, 2017 Zip Floral Valley All Purpose Cleaner Deodorizes as it cleans
Feb 27, 2017 Clorox Original Bleach Pungent
Feb 27, 2017 Zip Crystal Spring All Purpose Cleaner Affordable
Feb 27, 2017 Magiclean Glass Cleaner Cleans glass superlatively efficient
Feb 27, 2017 Garnier Light Complete Intensive 3-in-1 Whitening Essence Mask Lightweight and easy on the skin
Feb 27, 2017 Lifebuoy Cool Fresh Bar Soap Average cleansing
Feb 27, 2017 Daisy Corn Oil The healthier option
Feb 27, 2017 Yakult Health Drink Culturing Good Nutrition
Feb 27, 2017 DETTOL Hand Sanitizer Soothe Cleans as you go
Feb 27, 2017 Snapple Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink 473ml Not enough acidity
Feb 27, 2017 Vitamode Superba Krill Oil Nutrients without compromise
Feb 27, 2017 Dettol Body Wash Skincare Made for sensitive skin
Feb 27, 2017 Dettol Original Shower Foam Childhood brand!
Feb 27, 2017 Dettol Original Anti Bacterial Bar Soap Not a huge fan
Feb 27, 2017 Dettol Body Wash Re-Energize 950ml Same dettol, just different scent
Feb 27, 2017 Ahmad Tea Cardamom Tea Freshness
Feb 27, 2017 NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk Rich and easily absorbed by skin
Feb 27, 2017 NIVEA Skin Delight Glowing Rose Delightful and luxurious
Feb 27, 2017 Quaker Oatmeal Instant Oatsome!
Feb 27, 2017 NIVEA Crème Perfect and condensed into one handy packaging
Feb 27, 2017 Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub Exfoliates well without overdrying
Feb 27, 2017 Hung Fook Tong Longan with Honey Drink Too diluted
Feb 27, 2017 Hung Fook Tong Imperatae Cane Drink Cools body heat
Feb 27, 2017 Hung Fook Tong Black Bean Drink Good for kidneys
Feb 27, 2017 Hung Fook Tong American Ginseng With Honey Drink Healthy choice to preserve health
Feb 27, 2017 Himalaya Oil Control Lemon Face Wash Effective in Eliminating Excess Oil
Feb 27, 2017 Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo Really helps improve hair fall!
Feb 27, 2017 Himalaya Dandruff Shampoo Suitable for Oily hair
Feb 27, 2017 Himalaya Almond & Cucumber Peel Off Mask Great product
Feb 27, 2017 Adabi Onion Fritter Flour (Tepung Cucur Bawang) Batter is consistent
Feb 27, 2017 Super Regular Coffee Gourmet coffee made simple
Feb 27, 2017 JOHNSONS BABY BEDTIME LOTION Moisturises Effectively
Feb 27, 2017 Aiken Medicated Talcum Effective and Soothes
Feb 27, 2017 Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest Nice, but too sweet for my liking
Feb 27, 2017 Evian Mineral Water Tastes like water
Feb 27, 2017 Masterfoods Italian Herbs Lovely
Feb 27, 2017 Gardenia 100% WholeGrain with Canadian Purple Wheat Amazing bread with amazing health benefits!
Feb 27, 2017 Adabi Banana Fritter Batter Mix (Tepung Goreng Pisang) In an instant
Feb 27, 2017 Anlene Milk Powder Recommended
Feb 27, 2017 Vico 3 in 1 Original Sinfully chocolate
Feb 27, 2017 NESCAFÉ Gold Blend Luxuriously coffee
Feb 27, 2017 NESCAFÉ Classic Deep and round
Feb 27, 2017 Blue Key Pau Flour Great texture
Feb 27, 2017 Kjeldsens Butter Cookies Danish cookies made best
Feb 27, 2017 Vitagen Cultured Milk Drink My favourite of them all
Feb 27, 2017 Nestle Milo Nuggets Chocolate Too Hard
Feb 27, 2017 Nestle Corn Flakes Childhood Memories
Feb 27, 2017 Nestle Koko Crunch Wow!
Feb 27, 2017 Nestum Banana Caramel Layers of flavour
Feb 27, 2017 Nestle Fitnesse Cluster Banana Nut Cereal Stop monkeying around and try this!
Feb 27, 2017 Lady’s Choice Coleslaw Dressing Satisfying
Feb 27, 2017 Lady’s Choice Thousand Island Dressing Flat
Feb 27, 2017 Nutella Hazelnut Spread The Pioneer of Hazelnut Chocolate
Feb 27, 2017 Capilano Natural Australian Honey Syrupy
Feb 27, 2017 Snapple Lemonade Juice Drink 473ml Sour & Sweet
Feb 27, 2017 Snapple Kiwi Strawberry Juice Drink 473ml Refreshing
Feb 27, 2017 Welch’s 100% Grape Juice 473ml Currant-licious!
Feb 27, 2017 Campbell’s Cream Of Mushroom Condensed Soup Mostly Creamy
Feb 27, 2017 MAGGI® OatMee™ Mi Goreng Curry Flavour Excitingly Healthy
Feb 27, 2017 MAGGI® Chicken Stock Cube Uncompromising Deliciousness
Feb 27, 2017 MAGGI® Ikan Bilis Stock Cube Stock full of the sea flavours
Feb 27, 2017 MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles Tom Yam Slightly underwhelming
Feb 27, 2017 MAGGI® Tomato Ketchup I love this!
Feb 27, 2017 MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles Ayam Simple and tasty
Feb 27, 2017 Philips 1.2L Daily Collection Kettle So compact, practical and efficient!
Feb 27, 2017 MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles Kari Convenient but...
Feb 27, 2017 Maggi Seasoning Unnecessary
Feb 27, 2017 Kordel’s Evening Primrose Oil Healthy choice to preserve health
Feb 27, 2017 A1 Chicken Soup Herbs Really convenient!
Feb 27, 2017 Masterfoods Mixed Herbs Flavor with Quality
Feb 27, 2017 Dutch Lady Pasteurised Milk Always so yummy!
Feb 27, 2017 Origins Active Charcoal to Clear Pores My skin loves it!
Feb 27, 2017 Senka Cleanser Perfect Whip Fun but average
Feb 27, 2017 Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA Cooling Sensation
Feb 27, 2017 GARDEN OF EDEN Rosa T Mild Cleanser Cleanses well
Feb 27, 2017 Softlan Floral Fantasy Fabric Conditioner Smells amazing but damages washing machine
Feb 27, 2017 Sunlight Lemon Diswash Liquid Lemony Goodness but Dry
Feb 27, 2017 Attack Colour 3D CleanAction Concentrated Liquid Detergent Cleans stains well
Feb 27, 2017 Aiken 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-bacterial properties
Feb 27, 2017 Vaseline Serum Total Moisture Nourish Moisturizing King
Feb 27, 2017 Shokubutsu Orange Peel Sensation Shower Foam A delight to the senses and rewarding for the body
Feb 27, 2017 Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream Moisturizes with Healing Properties that Work
Feb 27, 2017 Rexona Women Passion roll On Deodorant Effective in more ways than one, however...
Feb 27, 2017 Pureen Maternity Toothpaste Mint Excellent product without the unnecessary ingredients
Feb 27, 2017 KOTEX Luxe Ultra Thin Regular Wings Unneccessary and costly
Feb 27, 2017 KOTEX® Overnight Wing Ensures protection throughout your period
Feb 27, 2017 Kotex Slim Regular Flow Effective and reliable
Feb 27, 2017 COLGATE Maximum Cavity Protection (CDC) Effectively Cleanses
Feb 27, 2017 NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil Great for makeup newbies!
Feb 27, 2017 NIVEA Instant White Firming Body Lotion SPF15 Firms my skin well
Feb 27, 2017 Listerine Natural Green Tea Green tea breath
Feb 27, 2017 Oradex Antibacterial Mouthwash Cleanses deep and well
Feb 27, 2017 Vicks Vaporub Good for relief
Feb 27, 2017 Sudocrem Soothes itchy skin immediately
Feb 27, 2017 Cap Limau Yu Yee Oil Best for soothing
Feb 27, 2017 Shokubutsu Body Wash Green Freshness Refill Revitalize & Shine
Feb 27, 2017 Zebra S/S Sauce Pot 18cm Long-lasting and spacious
Feb 27, 2017 NUTRILITE™ Cal Mag D Plus Nutrilicious
Feb 27, 2017 Love Earth Organic Chia Seeds Superfood
Feb 27, 2017 McCormick Cinnamon Ground Spice Cinammon Dreamland
Feb 27, 2017 Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Perfect sauce
Feb 27, 2017 Massimo Bread with Wheat Germ White germ perfection
Feb 27, 2017 Pokka Chrysanthemum White Tea Super Tea
Feb 27, 2017 F&N 100 Plus The best out there
Feb 20, 2017 Listerine Mouthwash Coolmint Minty goodness!
Feb 20, 2017 Himalaya Protein Shampoo – Extra Moisturizing Rinse and Repeat
Feb 20, 2017 Himalaya’s Purifying Neem Face Wash Average
Feb 20, 2017 Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA Maximum moisturization
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