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Essential mist, containing all the functions of toner, essence and nutrition

  • Spray out into a fine mist, and fill up the dry and tired skin with lasting moisture.
  • Natural rosewater refreshes your skin.
  • No Benzophenone, artificial color, artificial scent, sulfate-surfactant, acrylamide, or oil mineral added.


Finer Spray

This product is designed for finer spraying than regular spray-type products.

  • Distinguished aerosol-type fine water particles.
  • Fine misty spray layer: Provide immediate hydration, moisturization and cooling effect -> Hydrating and moisturizing effect of rosewater
  • Distinguished finer spray: Spray out into very fine water particles, so it doesn’t interface with the makeup.

Spray the same regardless of angle

The Rose Rain Mist can be sprayed into any position.

  • Contents are stored into separate internal pouch, and sprays out as it is pressured with compressed air. Hence, it will spray out regardless of the angle of the bottle.
  • The rose rain mist will spray the contents evenly, whatever position you are in.

99.6 % of contents usable

The rose rain mist can be used up to the last drop.

  • General spray- type products use gas which is sprayed with the contents. So because either the gas or contents get used up first, it is possible to use up to the last bit. However, the rose rain mist contents are stored in special material pouches, and get sprayed by asserting pressure onto these pouches. Hence, the contents can be used up to the last drop.


Use as a facial mist

It is necessary to use a product that fill up the skin with moisture and lowers the temperature to take care of heat flush, before makeup.

  • Rose Rain Mist supplies lasting hydration after makeup, spray at about 20 cm distance whenever skin feel dry, and either let it dry or pat gently.
  • make be use before or after makeup.

Use as a body mist

Mist-type spray makes the Rose Rain Mist a very light and speedy product to be used anywhere and anytime.

  • Rose Rain Mist has very light particles, which supply the skin with stickiness-free moisturization for both dry and oil type skins, even in the summer.
  • Moisture of the skin can be continually lost not only after showering but also through exposure to heat and humidity during summer. The Rose Rain Mist helps maintain a fragrant a moist skin during these summer.
  • May be use bath before or after shower.

Use as a hair essence

The Rose Rain Mist can also be used to care for tangled and disheveled hair. The rich essence contents of the mist will help calm the hair into a more desirable look.

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    2 reviews

    Amazing Face Mist

    5 out of 5, reviewed on May 23, 2020

    The Atomy Rose Rain Mist is a definite must-have. This mist keeps your face hydrated all day, with natural rosewater, it also has a nice smell. No harmful ingredients and really keeps your face moisturized. Definitely a nice product. I’ve checked this product and also ordered at .

  2. Avatar

    3 reviews

    So refresh!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 17, 2018

    The natural, skin-nourishing rose water refreshes the skin and mind!
    I spray it whenever I feel dry on my skin, whenever the weather is too hot and need some refreshment! Not only on my face, but hands and legs too!
    A must have in summer!!

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