Atomy A.C. Solution

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Beauty Solution solves troubled skin areas, to calm & relax.

Product Features

Over 80% of natural components, pure & fresh herbs, including their color & aroma.

  • Clinically tested for optimal results on acne prone skin.
  • Essentials citrus oil from Cheju Island.

Beauty Ingredients

Calming Water

Extracted from fresh herbs to create a healthy water to skin.(Include oriental herbs, basil, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, marshmallow and green tea leaves.)

  • Certified Organic (Korea)
  • All Calming Care Special products contain pure natural herbal extracts.

Clear your skin with distilled Citrus extracts!

  • Clinically Tested.
  • A.C. Solution created with citrus extracts and nanotechnology Proven to help with acne problem.

Provide healthy skin with Oriental mushroom(Phellinus Linteus) and herbal extracts! Superbly formulated to strengthen and revitalize!

  • Control mix is create with oriental mushrooms & nano technology to give maximum results. Excellent for any reason, moisturizes & enriches.
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