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What are the benefits of chlorophyll?

  1. Skin healing – Chlorophyllin has been shown to reduce inflammation and bacterial growth in skin wounds. Chlorophyllin may also be effective for mild to moderate acne.
  2. Blood builder – Chlorophyll aids in restoring and replenishing red blood cells. It works at molecular and cellular levels and has the ability to regenerate our body.
  3. Prevents Cancer – Prof. Korakod Chimploy from the Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA, in his study, has suggested that chlorophyll is effective against colon cancer and stimulates the induction of apoptosis.
  4. Antioxidant Properties – A study published in the Journal of Food Science states that chlorophyll possesses strong antioxidant capacity along with a significant amount of essential vitamins.
  5. Treats Arthritis – In a study included in the Journal of Inflammation Research, the anti-inflammatory properties of chlorophyll are shown to be beneficial for arthritis.
  6. Detoxifies the Body – There are an abundance of oxygen and a healthy flow of blood in the body because of chlorophyll. This helps you get rid of harmful impurities and toxins.
  7. Delays Aging – Chlorophyll helps in combating the effects of aging and supports in maintaining healthy tissues attributing to the richness of antioxidants and the presence of magnesium.
  8. Improves Digestive Health – Promotes healthy digestion by maintaining intestinal flora and stimulating the bowel movements.
  9. Combats Bad Breath – Chlorophyll is valued for its deodorizing properties.
  10. Maintains Acid-alkali Ratio – Consumption of chlorophyll-rich foods helps in balancing the acid-alkali ratio in the body.
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