ASOTV Smooth Away Painless Hair Remover

Product Details

Smooth Away removes unwanted hair easily, safetly and painlessly. No more harsh chemicals, plucking, shaving, ripping ever again. Smooth Away is the dastest selling, most popular woman’s product in Europe. Each Smooth Away pad is covered with superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hair and leave your skin soft and icredibly smooth. Great for face, arms and legs.Smooth Away is great for both men and women.

Smooth Secret

Each Smooth Away Pad Is Covered With Superfine Crystals That Buff Away Unwanted Hair Leaving Your Skin Soft and Smooth.


No more blades! Seriously, I am so tired of getting razor burn and cutting myself. You apply it on dry legs and don’t have to prep your legs with cream or lotion. It exfoliates your skin at the same you’re removing hair. My skin is not itchy and really smooth right now. It’s actually completely painless. It kind of feels like rubbing super fine sandpaper on your skin. I’m sure if you push to hard you’re skin could get irritated.

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