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In Art Genius, they offer a wide range of art enrichment courses where the students are exposed to visual art, mixed media coloring, glass painting, acrylic painting, crafts, group activities and games and many more to help your kids develop a solid foundation of creativity as well as creating awareness and promote interest in art. There is no fixed syllabus and every student will be given different artwork each class, which is suitable for them. Besides, they are also given opportunities to express their ideas and imagination during their classes, which in turn will help them produce their own unique artwork even though they are given the same tasks. Visit Art Genius for more info.

  1. Khairul Nisha
    6 reviews

    creative art

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 11, 2018

    boleh meransang anak kecil untuk lebih menjadi kreatif dan meningkatkan tumbesaran otak anak kecik

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