Aromatic Hair Spray

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The true professional hair sprays, acts well under any adverse weather conditions and occasions. Strong fixing qualities holds styles in place and allows easy style designing or hair sculpturing without causing stiffness or flaking. It is crystal clear, water soluble and dries quickly without stickiness. It is mildly fragrant to compliment your perfume and excellent for use after perming.

Direction for use

Hold can up-right with valve in right direction about 10″-14″ from hair, spray lightly on entire head after comb or brush out.

Styling Recommendation

Spray fairly generous on dampened hair and proceed to styling. Spray lightly one more time on entire head after creation

  1. Kah Yin Koo
    4 reviews

    My Hair Style Secret Weapon

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 20, 2018

    This hairstyling spay is suitable for both male & female who like to do hair styling. I’ve been using this spray for 2 years & it dosen’t disappoint me whenever I want to do styling on my hair.

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