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Flawless complexion is every woman’s dream come true, and with April 22 Rose Energy
Cream, that dream will come true at last. It’s a skincare-makeup hybrid that lavishes your skin with
care and protection while providing a sheer veil of coverage for a perfectly natural look that is both
lovely and professional. It is formulated for Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) as well as Ceramide 2 which
promote skin cell regeneration, restores precious moisture and reinforce the skin’s natural barrier.
Rose Energy Cream is enriched with Cetalla Asiatica and various other plant-based extracts to help the
skin look and feel its best. It is lightweight and spreads easily on the skin for a flawless, natural finish.

每个女人都幻想有着完美无瑕的肌肤,有了April 22 玫瑰能量霜,这个梦想终将成真。April 22玫瑰能量霜是一款护肤+底妆的结合,一款能够在当底妆和防晒的同时保护、保湿及修复肌肤,改善肌肤种种问题,给肌肤带来零负担的舒适妆感。
April 22玫瑰能量霜专为敏感肌、痘痘肌、红血丝肌肤量身打造的独特配方,其主要成分包括日本的EGF表皮生长因子以及神经酰胺2,有效促进皮肤细胞再生、滋润补水、增强皮肤的抵御和修复能力,使皮肤保持最佳生理状态。值得一提的是,玫瑰能量霜蕴含保加利亚玫瑰萃取精华,以及多种植物萃取精华,已被证实在抗老化、保湿、平衡肤色方面起到良好效果。April 22玫瑰能量霜的轻薄质感,易于在皮肤上涂抹,不会造成肌肤的沉重负担,为大马女性肌肤打造出零妆感的无暇肌效果。

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