Apotec Misai Kucing Tea 30’s

Product Details

Product details of Apotec Misai Kucing Tea 30’s

Misai Kucing is a traditional herb that originates from eastern Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, but was introduced to the West in early 20th century where it was consumed as a tea. It is also known as Orthosiphon stamineu. It contains a lot of health benefits such as lower high blood glucose level, improve urination.

Main ingredients:
* Misai Kucing
* Black Tea Leaves
Direction of Use :
Put 1 teabag in hot water and serve while hot. Take 1-2 teabags per day.

Benefits of Misai Kucing Tea :
* Prevent gout and rheumatism. Block production and eliminate uric acid that is responsible for inflammatory.
* Prevent kidney stones. Helps increasing the amount of urine, so kidney stones is lessen to occur.
* High Antioxidant. High in caffeic acid that is responsible for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
* Control sugar level. Increase metabolism and use glucose to generate energy.


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