Apotec Chlorophyll 500ml

Product Details

Product details of Apotec Chlorophyll 500ml

Chlorophyll drink is one of the ways that able to remove toxins from the body and subsequently regain a healthy body. Chlorophyll Drink is specially designed to reduce bad breath and body odor. It is effective in neutralizing pollution that we breathe in every day, and relieving heat from the body.

Main ingredients:
* Chlorophyll
* Water

Direction of Use :
Mix 25ml of Chlorophyll with 125ml of lukewarm water and stir well, drink before bedtime.

Benefits of Chlorophyll :
* Promote detoxification. Improve digestive system and discharge toxin through feces
* Act as deodorizer. Act as natural antiseptic to the intestinal tract and reduce urine, feces and body odor.
* Assist in increasing blood counts. Improve oxygen supply to cells.
* High Antioxidant. Promote better skin condition and clearer complexion.

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