Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream

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ANCHOR Extra Yield Cooking Cream is produced from milk of pasture fed cows  giving that natural cream color and great ANCHOR taste, a true sign of quality New Zealand Cream.

Anchor Extra Yield is a European style 100% dairy cooking cream that is pre-reduced, which means there is no need for further reduction, therefore saving food cost and time. Due to this, Anchor Extra Yield produces up to 20% extra yiels when compare with other dairy creams used in cooking applications, thus resulting in substantial gains within the kitchen.

  1. afiqr0hana86
    3 reviews

    sesuai untuk masakan panas

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 18, 2018

    bagi mereka yang meinginkan cream untuk masakan panas,whipping cream ini sangat direkemen untuk anda,testur yang sesuai dan kemanisan yang agak terkawal untuk sesuatu makanan panas.
    AKan tetapi agak kurang baik untuk tujuan pembuatan pencuci mulut kerna whapping cream ini dari hasiltenusu..

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