ACUVUE® VITA® Monthly Contact Lenses

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Don’t blame yourself for your monthly contact lens discomfort, it could be your lenses. As the month goes on, you might be using rewetting drops, taking breaks, or removing your lenses to deal with the discomfort. If this sounds familiar, ACUVUE® VITA® Monthly Contact Lenses with HydraMax™ Technology might be the right lenses for you.

Keeps eyes moist and comfortable with its revolutionary patented wetting technology HYDRACLEAR®Pluswhich makes lenses ultra-smooth and wettable, it feels like you’re not wearing lenses at all. Supports the health of the eyes as it is made from unique silicone hydrogel that delivers nearly 100% oxygen to the eyes, letting them breathe freely, for clear, white and healthy eyes till end of the day. Protects from harmful UV rays by blocking 100% of UVB and 97% of UVA radiation from the sun.

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