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During the first 2000 days, the brain of a child rapidly grows and develops. Thus, it’s important to invest in effective learning tools like ACTIVBOT to ensure our little ones can build a strong foundation for future learning. A multisensory learning tool, ACTIVBOT is created to make learning at home effective and fun, especially when online learning is becoming an integral part of our young learner’s life.

To address the emerging need for effective and engaging online learning strategies, ACTIVBOT is fully ready to facilitate learning based on a blended learning approach via a system called DIPES (Dynamic, International, Proven Platform, Education, Systems). Blended learning refers to the practice of using both online and in-person learning experiences. Through the DIPES system, various aspects of this learning method are incorporated, offering students convenience and flexibility, self-paced learning, accelerated learning, deeper understanding of course contents, and fostering a curiosity about learning.

Through ACTIVBOT, kids are guided through different learning systems according to their age groups. For babies below 18 months, the combination of the AI Reading Pen and baby books helps toddlers in brain reading during their early days. From 18 months to 2 years old, the pen and a complete bookset help them develop listening and speaking skills in dual languages. For children 3 to 5, the AI Reading Pen would already set a strong foundation for them to start reading with ACTIVBOT and delve into an array of quality learning programmes. By 6 years old, children can master 3 languages confidently in reading and writing. Time saved in acquiring languages can be well spent in STEM and other 21st century skills such as speaking confidently via the speakers in AI Pen and ACTIVBOT.

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