Actal Anti Acid – Digestive Care

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Combines the efficiency of aluminium gel with the convenience of rapidly disintegrating tablets for speedy neutralisation of excess stomach acid and quick relieft in dyspepsia and hyper-acidity.


Peptic ulcer: 2 to 4 tablets. Gastric hyperacidity: 1 to 2 tablets, one-half to one hour after each meal. Heartburn of pregnancy: 1 to 2 tablets before breakfast and one half-hour after each meal. The mint flavoured tablets do not product a sensation of dryness or roughness on the palate and can be dissolved in the mouth or swallowed with water or milk. They may also be dissolved in these liquids for easy oral administration.


Each tablet contains 360mg of sodium polyhydroxyaluminium monocarbonate hexitol complex (equivalent to 216mg of aluminium hydroxide)

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