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ACANA™ pet food epitomises the fusion of quality and careful ingredient selection in their meticulously crafted dog and cat food recipes. Committed to excellence, ACANA™ utilizes only the finest ingredients globally, ensuring their pet foods meet the highest standards. Their recipes are a harmonious blend of fresh or raw animal ingredients, complemented by a selection of whole fruits and vegetables. The freshness of their ingredients is paramount, with refrigeration used exclusively for preservation, and raw ingredients are frozen at the peak of their freshness.

ACANA™’s premium cat food range offers an array of recipes, each enriched with abundant animal proteins and essential nutrients, catering to the comprehensive dietary needs of cats. These recipes are tailored to support the health and vitality of cats at every life stage, from energetic kittens to mature adults and senior cats. The brand name “Acana” draws inspiration from the fertile farmlands of Alberta, Canada, a symbol of their commitment to quality. Today, ACANA™ continues to uphold these values, crafting their pet foods in world-class facilities located in Edmonton, Alberta, and Auburn, Kentucky, ensuring every product reflects their legacy of quality.

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